Took Milly to school and did my workout.  I stayed on the elliptical for two Ultimate Spider-Man episodes then did various work-outy things.  Had a nice sweat.

Amanda brought Milly home and then the Warkentien kids came over for a bit.  Amy had been bitten by what turned out to be a spider a few days ago and part of her leg was all swollen up, so the kids played over here while she went to the doctor.

I stayed busy all day.  Amanda suggested that I come up with a general stopping time so I don’t work so much.  It’s frustrating because it’s something I should do, but I’ve just got so much I need to get done.

We had small group tonight.  It was the last night before bringing the guys and girls back together and meeting a new couple who will be joining us next week.  Nick brought some Smithfield’s fried chicken, BBQ and hushpuppies for dinner and we all chatted about various things before watching the video for the night.  There weren’t many good questions, but we still had a good discussion overall for the night.  I enjoyed the series well enough, even though we didn’t have time to do it all.

Michael and Jenn reported that Milly was good, but that Michael had made her cry.  It had something to do with teasing her about the Duke flag hanging on the cardboard house in her room.  Apparently she cried a good bit and told Michael that Duke was nice, so Michael acquiesced that Duke was nice.

Zach Dotsey