I fell asleep on the couch last night and stayed there until I woke up around 6:30 this morning.  I decided to just go ahead and get to work.  Amazingly, Milly didn’t get up when Amanda got in the shower, so I did get a few minutes of work in before helping her with breakfast and whatnot.  She watched a little bit of Ruby Gloom and then Wreck-it Ralph for the third time.  I have yet to see the beginning of it.

Not much to the day- Amanda took Milly to dance class after she got home from work, I worked until 6:00, at which time I told Milly I’d play Little Big Planet 2 with her.  I told her I’d play for 20 minutes then we could go outside and she could ride her bike.  She negotiated me down to 16 minutes, so we played LBP for a bit then went outside.

Milly got her helmet on and everything, but she threw a fit when it was time to actually ride her bike.  Amanda had her come back inside and tried reasoning with her and bribing her.  What we ended up with is that Amanda’s going to try again with her tomorrow afternoon.  If she doesn’t ride her bike tomorrow, we’re going to give it to a kid whose parents can’t afford to buy them one.

Will we actually do that?  I doubt it, but if she doesn’t ride it tomorrow I will make her think it’s gone.  I don’t get it.  She rode the bike (with training wheels) just fine the first time she was on it, but she fell over at the end because she went sideways up a small incline.  She hardly even scraped herself.  That seems to have mentally scarred her, despite the fact that she had a much worse spill on the scooter before that and has no problem riding it.

We did finally get her to ride it again one other time.  She rode it to Maddox’s house and back and rode in circles in the road with him in between.  Yet she doesn’t seem to remember that.

I even told her I’d hold onto the bike until she told me I could let go.  Still nothing.

The last option Amanda tried was to tell her she could go to bed right then or she could go ride her bike for a bit, and she still chose to go to bed.

The girl seems terrified of riding her bike.  Never mind that literally all of her friends are riding their bikes.  Despite this, she gets super upset when we tell her we’re going to take it back or give it to someone else.  I don’t know, we’ll see.  It’s funny; she’s a daredevil when it comes to things like rides at the fair, but she’s a total weenie when it comes to swimming, getting in the ocean past her knees and riding her bike.

Eh, it’ll work itself out.

Amanda and I, having no new shows to watch, started watching The New Girl on Netflix.  It’s something we’ve been meaning to watch for a while, though if I were to have chosen a show we’ve been meaning to watch myself, it would have been Sons of Anarchy.  Anyway, we enjoyed the four or five episodes we watched.  A lot of people we know watch it.

I forgot to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which premiered tonight, so I’ll check that out later.

Zach Dotsey