I had a hard time getting Milly moving out the door this morning.  When I got up she had been up but decided to go back down for some more rest.  I told her she had to get moving and if she got ready in time she could rest some more before I took her to school.

When I finally did get her moving we had a hard time picking out her clothes.  She chose some pink shorts and together we picked out three t-shirts to go with them.  One was pink and the other two were yellow.  One of the yellow ones was a Foofa shirt, and she said she didn’t want to wear that shirt, but she did want to wear one that was that shade of yellow.  We didn’t have any that were that shade of yellow, which she understood but apparently didn’t want to accept.

At some point she started crying and told me I was frustrating, or maybe it was aggravating, her because of something about her way.  I can’t remember exactly how she phrased it, but it wasn’t that I was getting in her way or not letting her have her way.  It was something that didn’t make sense, and she couldn’t explain it to me.

Anyway, I eventually got her dressed, groomed, fed and out the door.  Unfortunately I saw Allison dropping Callie off as I was in the turning lane to get into the parking lot.  There was no sign of any Warkentien, so I don’t know if Nick dropped Eli off before that or after, but the streak of the three (or six, I guess) of us being right behind each other has ended.  I’ll bet Nick was right in front of Allison and I was the one who ruined it.  Ah well, I figured it would happen at some point.

Allison did text Amanda later, who then texted me, to see if Milly could go hang out with Callie after school and play in their little pool.  I was pulling into the school parking lot when I got that message, so I didn’t get to grab a bathing suit, but Allison just let Milly use one of Callie’s.  When I went to pick her up later Milly and Callie were pretending to be Disney fairies.  Sounded like that had some fun.

For my part, a chunk of my time from going to school to pick Milly up through picking her up from the Masons’ was spent running around doing errands.  When I was home and working I didn’t feel like it was very easy to focus on my tasks, though I did get a lot done.

Milly really wanted to play some Little Big Planet 2 with me this evening, so I stopped working to do that.  After she went to bed Amanda and I watched the premiere of Sleepy Hollow, which struck us as being in the same vein as Grimm.  The first episode didn’t make it can’t-miss TV, but it was decent enough and it’s filmed locally, so we’ll support it.  After that we watched the season finale of Under the Dome, but I warned Amanda that I wasn’t going to make it through the episode.  Indeed I did not.

Zach Dotsey