When I picked Milly up from school today the first thing I heard was that she got to be the line leader today, and that when she did it she fell and scraped her knee a little.  When we were talking about it again later, I asked if she cried when she scraped her knee and she said she didn’t (or not much anyway, I’m not sure) because I had told her that babies cry.  I don’t think I told that to her in the context of an injury, but hey, whatever toughens her up.

I asked Milly if there was any reason she was chosen as line leader and she told me that Mrs. Adams had asked if she’d been line leader before, she said no, so she got to do it.  She also mentioned that a new friend, Penelope (not Penelope Davis, obviously, who is already a friend), got to be door holder.  That’s the first person she’s mentioned by name from her class besides Callie, Eli or Hannah.

I parked around the back of the school for the first time today and was right next to Nick.  Allison pulled up after Nick and I had been talking for a minute and the three of us went to get our kids together.  Nick told me he was taking Eli to the big playground (which is where Milly got to lead the line, coincidentally), so I took Milly over there too and let them play for a few minutes.  Amy showed up too, but Ada was napping in the car.

Work was full of lots of little stuff.  Along with the fact that I try to take care of internal things on Mondays, I didn’t get to work on the big project I’ve got right now.  I did work pretty late though.  Amanda went to see a speech at UNCW by the author of Cold Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace, with Nick and Tristen.  I’d liked to have gone, but since we both wanted to go and I had plenty to do at home, I stayed.

For her part, Milly was very good all day.  She’s still a little sick, though it didn’t seem to bother her much at all.  Still, I think it kept her a little subdued.