Now Amanda’s sick.  She was complaining that she always gets sicker than Milly when Milly gets sick, and there’s some truth to that.  When Amanda asked Milly why that was, Milly told her that I kissed her on the lips, to which Amanda exclaimed, “I know!”

Milly and I spent a good chunk of the morning in bed.  She came up with her iPad to show me that Where’s My Water 2 was now available in the App Store (how she knows it’s called the App Store is beyond me or Amanda), so I downloaded it for her and we sat in bed playing it a bit.

Milly at Dance with ColdAmanda asked, since she wasn’t feeling well, if I’d take Milly to dance class today.  I had a ton to do, but she was really not feeling well, so I did it.  I never have much time to take Milly to dance class, but I do love watching her when I do.

Her dance class is very small right now with only three girls total in it.  I chatted with the moms a little, checked on some work, took a phone call.

When I was loading Milly into the car before we left the house she was holding onto the font seat seat belt and almost fell out of the car.  I caught her and she said I was a superhero.  Then she said she could be my sidekick.  I didn’t even know she knew what a sidekick was.

Aside from going out to get some chicken and noodles at Amanda’s request so she could make some soup for dinner, I worked pretty steadily on through 7:00.  I had a period of time where I had to concentrate pretty hard on what I was doing as I had to redo a bit of the conditional logic on the big form I created last week in order to add a couple more options to the beginning of it.

Milly wanted me to play Rayman’s Raving Rabbids with her, which meant she wanted me to play while she watched, so we did that.  I put her to bed after that.

When I got back downstairs, Amanda and I watched last night’s final season premiere of How I Met Your Mother and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which I’ve been looking forward, comic book geek that I am.  Amanda went to bed after all that and I finally watched the season finale of under the Dome.  Amanda watched it already, but I fell asleep a couple scenes in that night.

Zach Dotsey