I slept downstairs last night.  That would be the third time since Saturday.  This time it was because before I even went to bed Amanda was in and out of bed a good bit, unable to sleep with a sore throat.

It may have done me some good, but I heard Milly in the living room just after 6:00.  She kept wanting things, so I didn’t get to sleep much after that, if at all.  She was coughing every 20 seconds or so too, so I emailed her school to tell them she wouldn’t be in today.  Mrs. Adams said they’d say a prayer for her at the morning meeting.

Despite being sick, Milly didn’t act very sick.  She was active, playful and normal pretty much all day, even sticking her finger in my belly button every chance she got.  I’m not a fan of this new fad, though she loves it.  I wouldn’t have minded if Amanda had never taught her that.

Amanda was the exact opposite from Milly.  She emailed out of work sometime in the wee hours of the morning.  I went and got her some throat spray and the rest of my day was split between work and taking care of Milly.  Amanda was on the couch pretty much the whole day, so she didn’t require much care.

Despite all the distractions, I feel like I got a good bit done today.  My focus on the big project I’ve been working on was getting the contact page done, and I did that.  I’m pretty pleased with it.  Now I just need to come up with what I want to do with the rest of the normal pages.

I picked up another project this morning that I’m planning on having Michael help out with.  We’re meeting for a late lunch tomorrow to go over it.  I also picked up, at least temporarily, a social networking client and I’ve got a meeting with an existing client to discuss turning her existing site into an e-commerce site, as her store is closing down.  That’s on Friday.

I went to small group by myself tonight, since Amanda was’t feeling up to going out.  We had a new couple come check us out tonight, so it was a social night with everyone getting to know them and vice versa.  I enjoyed them and thought it went well.

Nick and Tristen weren’t there tonight, but it was because his dad was in a motorcycle accident.  Amanda had talked to Tristen about it, and I was told that the doctors are optimistic, though they’re keeping him in an induced coma for a couple days.  I texted Nick a bit when Amanda gave me the news (Tristen had actually called my phone first, but the call came in right after I got on the phone with the social networking client) and I left him a voice message tonight.  Our prayers are with Nick’s dad, obviously, as well as the rest of the family.

Zach Dotsey