I heard Amanda talking to Milly this morning before I got up and was pleased to find that before Milly ever even came out of her room, she had cleaned it up.  How awesome is that?

One of the first things Milly told me this morning was that she was painting a cardboard box to be a rocket ship.  She was doing this because she saw some kids on TV do the same thing and it took them to space.  I don’t know if she was expecting the same results or what, but she didn’t go to outer space.

She did, however, get paint on the floor, her hands, her face, her feet and the leggings she was wearing.  I convinced her to finish painting outside (where she mixed all the colors in their containers because she thought it would be prettier).  I gave her a bath after she was done.

Milly mentioned a few days ago that she wanted to have a Nana day.  Amanda’s mom, you see, came to watch her almost every Monday for the past few years, but now that Milly is in pre-school on Mondays, that hasn’t been happening.  Anyway, Karen decided to come today.  They played upstairs for a bit then left the house.  I asked Milly what they were going to do and she said they were going three places: To Atlanta Bread, Learning Express or Brilliant Sky and Toys R Us.  This was all news to Karen, though Amanda did meet them for lunch at Atlanta Bread and Milly did come home with a few new toys.  I guess Karen was making up for lost time.

I got a good bit of work done then had a meeting with Michael to show him how to use a system he’s not familiar with to do a largish project for me.  We met at what used to be The Connection, which was my favorite place to meet clients way back when.  It took a while to teach him what I needed him to know, but it was somewhat complex and I think he has a firm grasp on it now.

A week or more ago Amanda and I had a big talk with Milly about her refusal to ride her bicycle.  We told her she was going to have to ride it the next day or we were going to give it to someone who would use it.  It rained that day and I think it looked like it was going to rain a few more times, and there were times we were busy and forgot and then she got sick.  But nearly every day, she reminded us that she was supposed to ride her bike.

After I got home I worked for a bit then I was to take Milly to play with Maddox (while Amanda worked on some work articles for me).  I remembered the bike and she was skittish about getting on it very briefly, but then she was fine.  She even told me I didn’t have to hold her anymore once we were near Maddox’s house.  She was never in any danger of falling, but I’d told her I’d hold her, so I did.  Actually, I “accidentally” took my hand off her back and it was after that that she told me I didn’t need to hold her anymore.  I was very proud of her.

Milly and Maddox played for a while and I talked to Gavin.  He made macaroni and cheese and tacos for dinner and offered us some.  Milly had already had a bowl of cereal and I had a late lunch, but she took some mac & cheese and I had a small helping of both.

Around 7:15 or so we all headed outside.  Milly had suggested to Maddox that they ride their bikes, but Maddox’s is with Christen and all he had was his scooters.  He didn’t stay on those very long before he decided he wanted to play basketball.  Since it was getting late by then I took that as an excuse to head off, so Milly and I said our goodbyes and she biked on home, but she wanted to keep riding (“I wish I could ride all day long”) so she rode circles a little down past our house.

Our neighbor Pete got home while we were there and Milly went to talk to him.  She wanted to go hang out with him and Alisha, but I explained that it was late and he still had to have his dinner.

Milly got herself ready for bed and afterwards Amanda and I watched some TV.  Looking at the list of shows to watch, I lamented that it was the time of year where we become slaves to the TV.  Tonight we watched The Blacklist and Revolution, but we had Parks & Rec, Big Bang Theory, Hostages and several other shows, some new, some that we’ve watched for a while.

We got a message from the Hausers that they were dropping out of small group tonight. They’ve been going through job changes and working on buying a house in addition to other stuff.  With everything going on, they hadn’t been to small group consistently for a while.  We will miss them though.

Zach Dotey