My baby sister turned 27 today.  With a husband, two kids, a career in banking and, as she puts it, being officially in her late 20’s now, I guess she’s not such a baby anymore.  I had Milly call her and leave a voice message singing happy birthday, which she did with a mini Reece’s Cup in her mouth.  Andra called back a few minutes later and we chatted a little.

Milly had show & tell today.  She was originally going to take a Tinker Bell doll as their items had to either start with F or be yellow, and Tink is a fairy with yellow hair.  She ended up taking her flashlight, which she got for our recent camping trip.  Amanda decided to up the game a little by suggesting Milly wear her yellow Foofa shirt and some pants with flowers on them.

I was talking to Allison (henceforth called Alice, because that’s what Milly always calls her) and she said Callie had also taken a flashlight.

I got a bit of work done this morning, but it was mounting up and I also had a late morning meeting, so I didn’t do my exercise today.  I give this week a D, because I did exercise one day, but not the other two.  I had excuses, sure, but that’s not good enough.

I stayed busy all day, but I don’t feel like I accomplished much.  It’s kind of a frustrating feeling.

Amanda and Cyra went to hang out for a couple hours this evening.  More on that some other day.

I got an email yesterday, or maybe the day before, about how the kids are learning to spell colors in class with some songs.  I asked Milly how to spell red (because she’s done that before), and she spelled it GREEN.  She got it right when I asked her to spell it out though.  Then she sang a song about yellow, but I think she was leaving out one of the L’s.

Amanda and I watched the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU, which was a continuation of last season’s finale and a two-parter.  Amanda went to bed after that.

Zach Dotsey