Milly let me and Amanda sleep in today, which was very kind of her.  I think it was about 9:00 when we woke up.  We got up, got dressed and all then headed out to Mayfaire to meet the Warkentiens at Starbucks.  Nick had mentioned something about wanting Starbucks late last night on Facebook, which got Amanda wanting some, so we got together and all had some.

I didn’t have coffee, of course.  I had a vanilla bean frappuccino and Milly had a hot chocolate.  We went for a little walk along the scenic retention pond then Amy headed off to film a wedding, Amanda went to buy some wrapping paper and Nick and I walked the kids to Barnes & Noble.  Milly was holding Ada’s hand most of the way there and was very attentive to her.  She’d make a great big sister.

At B&N, the kids played with the Nooks (or little iPads, as Milly calls them) for a few minutes then went over to the kid book section.  They used to have all the kid stuff over there, but I don’t think we’d been over there since they created the toy section at the back of the store.

Milly and I left after I got a text from Amanda.  We were going to Emma Love Johnson’s second birthday party next, and Amanda had finished wrapping her present.  Milly had a good time playing with all the kids that were there and Amanda and I enjoyed hanging out with all the grown ups.  We talked to David and Jennifer a good bit.  I really like the Sawyers, and we should probably hang out with them more.

We went home after that.  Milly wanted me to play Rayman Raving Rabbids, so I did that for a bit then went to take a nap.  I think Milly might have taken a rest too.

The Sawyers dropped their kids, Isaac and Airlie, off in the early evening.  It was an exchange Amanda and the other small group ladies set up a few weeks ago.  It’s worked out nicely so far.  Anyway, they went out to eat and we entertained the kids for a bit.

They were good.  Airlie got a little fussy, and I tried putting her down around 7:30 after she was pretty much inconsolable and wiping her eyes, but she cried all the harder.  She only cried off and on after that.  We had fun with them though.  Milly got on her bike, Isaac rode her scooter and Amanda pilled Airlie in the wagon.  I was keeping up with the two bigger kids.

Milly really enjoyed riding her bike, by the way.

After we got back in and ate, the kids watched Wreck-It Ralph.  Airlie tried the homemade pizza, but I guess she’s at the stage where she likes to throw things on the floor, so Harvey ate most of it.

All in all the night went pretty well with one exception.  The kids were upstairs playing, and that was all well and good, but when they all came down Amanda brought a doll house down for Airlie to play with.  Somehow, when she stepped off the bottom step she rolled her ankle and hurt it pretty bad.  She was elevating and icing it the rest of the night.

David and Jennifer got back just a little before 8:00.  The movie wasn’t quite done yet, so we let Milly finish watching it before putting her to bed.  I helped Amanda get set up to sleep downstairs in the guest room, since she wasn’t feeling up to walking up the stairs.

Zach Dotsey