I got up at 6:20 this morning to get ready to volunteer at church.  Things were going just fine, but as I was putting on my belt, I heard a stompish pitter patter and knew Milly was coming to the door.  She came in, we chatted a bit, then I had to get her squared away as Amanda, laid up on the guest bed, wasn’t feeling like moving her foot.

I thought I’d be a little late, and technically I was by a minute or two, but the production meeting hadn’t started yet.  Both morning services went just fine.  Duane and Jessica Mixon were in town and lead the worship all day, so it was nice to see them.  I had a real good talk with Jay Tatum during the first service.

I came home, Amanda showered (because she didn’t want to do it without me in the house in case she slipped or anything) then we took Milly to the Johnsons’ house.  They watched her while we spent the next two hours at Urgent Care.

Not much to say about all that.  Nick Jr. was playing on a TV, and I don’t think anyone would have minded if it had been changed.  Amanda and I had our iPads to keep us occupied though.

Amanda's-sprained-ankleAmanda wasn’t seen for very long.  The x-ray machine at the place was down, but the doctor said it looks like a sprain and if it was still hurting at the end of the week to come back because then it might be broken.  She got a splint and we were sent on our way.  The five minutes we spent with the doctor and nurse combined would have cost us something like $875 without insurance.  They let us walk on out, but I assume we’ll get a bill for some part of it.

We picked Milly up then went back home.  Milly said she wanted to go to a park, so we agreed that I’d do that then take her to Grow Zone at church while I was working the evening service while Amanda stayed home and rested.

We went to Smith Creek, where we just happened to bump into Nick Meyers’s mom along with his sister and nephew.  I heard them say his name and thought about asking if he was Nick’s nephew, since I also knew he was in town, but I didn’t.  His mom, whom I met once or twice, thought I looked familiar though and started up a conversation.  I’m normally the kind of person who will take that upon myself to do, but for some reason I just didn’t this time.

We left there and went to Islands real quick then it was off to the church where I dropped Milly off for Grow Zone, did my camera thing then waited a bit and picked her up.  I saw that Rosa Hauser was in there, so I was happy that they were able to play.

Amanda had me pick up a box of chicken in honor of the Breaking Bad finale tonight.  Amy brought some of the tea that Lydia drinks as well as bacon for us to make our ages on.  Tristen was going to bring some blue rock candy to stand in for Walter White’s blue crystal meth, but she forgot it.

When Milly and I got to the house, Amy and the kids were already there.  We were all going to go down the road on various vehicles, but the Warkentien kids hadn’t eaten yet, so Milly and I started off down the road on our bikes.  (Mine was on the front porch because Airlie had dropped her paci on the road yesterday when she was in the wagon and I figured I’d find it a lot faster on my bike.  I was right, it took no time to spot it.)  There was another family out riding bikes and one was a girl Milly’s age, so they rode together for a bit.  Her family is building a house not too far from here and they’re staying with the dad’s parents.

Milly and I saw Amy pilled Ada along with Eli on Milly’s scooter after we’d turned around.  Milly ended up getting in the wagon with Ada and Eli took over on the bike (princess on the bike and princesses on the helmet Milly gave him), so I carried the scooter down the road back to our house then came back to ride with Eli so Amy wouldn’t have to keep an eye on him.  He and I rode down to the cul-de-sac then back to our house.

Milly-and-Eli-rocket-shipBack inside the kids played upstairs until bedtime.  Nick, Nick and Tristen came over before the kids got in bed.  We hung out for a bit then watched the finale.

I, like most people, thought it was great.  It wrapped up pretty much everything with everyone got what they deserved.  I’ve seen some complaints online that it was rushed or felt lacking, but I thought it was a very good ending to one of the best series ever on TV.

Nick and Tristen were meeting Nick’s sister somewhere afterwards, so they took off pretty quick, but Nick and Amy stuck around to watch Talking Bad, a live supplementary show that discussed each episode after it was done.

Zach Dotsey