I took Amanda to work today.  That was a little hectic.  She was limping around all over the place and I was working on getting Milly ready too.  It all worked out fine though.  We left about ten minutes later than Amanda usually leaves and got her there a minute early, at least according to my iPhone, which means that according to her work clock she should have been there about four minutes early.

I went straight on to Milly’s preschool after that and dropped her off.  We were there pretty early, but we were the third car in line.  A girl in the car in front of us had her head out the window, so Milly stuck hers out too and the two of them were shouting to each other.  A girl in a car behind us joined in.

I did my workout today, at least the part on the elliptical.  So there’s that.

Milly had a bit of a rough day today.  There was a note from Mrs. Adams in her folder:

Milly had a hard day today.  She was very emotional especially at lunch when she refused to eat because she doesn’t like strawberry on her sandwich.  We tried to help her, but she was still not happy.  Sorry.  🙁

That was very disappointing, so when I saw that she and I had a chat.  I think she was tired, because when I suggested to Milly that she take a nap in her room without TV she about threw a fit.  I got a bit stern, but then I talked to her very calmly.  I was pretty proud of how calm I was being, actually.  She did end up in the corner, and after we had our after-corner chat she was much more calm and she offered a compromise.  She was very calm and collected about it, so I accepted it.  She got to lay down in our bed and watch a show, but I put a 30 minute timer on it, and once the TV was off she was to close her eyes.

I didn’t hear a peep from her for the next few hours, so, yeah, she was tired.

Cyra brought Amanda home after work.  Her foot is still hurting her, but she seems to be getting better.

I asked Milly around 6:00 if she’d like to ride her bike with me, but she wanted to finish watching a show.  Sure enough, at 6:30 she was ready to go.  I love that she enjoys her bike now.  We didn’t ride very far, but we did ride some, and after I showed Milly how I could stand up on my bike, she did it too.  You can kind of tell she’s doing it in the picture at the top of the page.

Milly wanted to rest and watch some TV when we got back in, so I let her do that while I did some more work.  I put her to bed myself again, since Amanda didn’t feel like going up and down the steps still, though she did decide to sleep upstairs again tonight, which she did after we watched a couple shows.

Lots of stuff going on in the news today.  Well, tomorrow, technically, and since it actually is tomorrow for me already, I’ll go ahead with it.  The government was shut down due to a budget impasse (the Republicans in the House tried to defund Obamacare, which had no chance of passing the Senate or the President’s desk) and we’ll be able to check out what our options are through the health insurance marketplace tomorrow.  I’ve tried signing up for an account and logging in already, but I guess they’re still working out some bugs.

I’ve had a lot of Facebook conversations about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) lately.

Zach Dotsey