When I put Milly to bed tonight she decided to regale me with a shadow puppet story.  It was about a rainbow colored butterfly with sparkles who was trying to figure out what color the sparkles were.  She asked several different shadow animals, all with different voices, until she came to out that she talked about bad guys with.  Then she powed and bammed and shot fire at the bad guys and somehow that let her realize that her sparkles were pink and purple and she lived happily ever after.

Amanda drove herself to work today and made it back home, so that’s good.  She didn’t feel up to driving Milly to dance class and hanging out there though, so while I love watching Milly at dance class (and she FINALLY did some somersaults on her own!) that’s two Tuesdays cut short for me back to back when I’ve got a lot of stuff to get done.

If Milly’s good Amanda will usually get her something from the vending machine after she’s done with her dance class.  I thought I had some one dollar bills or change, but I did not.  Milly had picked Funyons, I guess because she liked the bag because I don’t think she’s ever had any, so I told her we’d stop at a store to get some, which we did after going to the bank and picking up a burger for myself.

I got very stressed because a site wasn’t working right today.  It wasn’t so much that the site wasn’t working, which is stressful enough in and of itself, but what made it worse was that I lost about two hours of work plus I had all that other stuff to do.

When I had it pretty much straightened out, Milly asked me to ride bikes with her, which I was more than ready to do.  She got a little frustrated because sometimes the pedals get vertical and she tends to push them back, which makes her brake, and she has a hard time getting them to go forward.  I don’t think we were out there 15 minutes and we didn’t get past the house.  She went in; I did my 5K route on the bike.

There wasn’t a whole lot of excitement after that, other than Milly drawing on the hardwood floor with red colored pencil, which is harder to get out than water soluble marker.  She knows not to do it again.

So the government shut down today.  The Tea Party and Republicans in the House of Representatives are refusing to put forth any kind of budget that doesn’t in some way delay or defund the Affordable Care Act.  They’re essentially holding the country hostage over a law that was passed a couple years ago.  I don’t blame the Senate for not acquiescing at all.  If they did, it would set a terrible precedent.

The marketplace exchanges for the ACA also opened up at midnight, though the site was so busy that it wasn’t working very well.  That’s frustrating, but it also shows how much people want to see what they can do and save with Obamacare.  I was on there at midnight myself, but I was one of those who wasn’t able to get much of anything done on the site yet.

Zach Dotsey