For my exercise after dropping Milly off at school I rode my bike to Smith Creek Park and around the lake, pond, whatever you’d call that body of water.  I also went through the Candlewood neighborhood, just because I’d never been back there.  The ride was nice, but I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous the entire time I was on Murrayville Road.

We started a new study at small group based on a book by Tim Keller called The Meaning of Marriage.  You read a chapter, listen to a sermon then review some questions.  Amanda warned me yesterday that I was going to need to start on it earlier than I usually do for my readings, and she was right.  I didn’t get all the way through the sermon or get to review the questions.

It was good though, and the discussion was good in the group, even though we didn’t get through nearly all the questions.

Michael finished some work for me today that he started on Friday.  It was a bit complex and confusing, and with all I’ve got going on I’m glad he was able to knock it out.

Zach Dotsey