Yesterday, Milly told me that she wanted to see her old friend Penelope, as opposed to her new friend Penelope that she met at school.  Funny enough, Matt and I had been talking about getting the girls together this week, but I told him I was too swamped to be able to come and do that.  He said it would be fine to just drop her off and that it would probably end up helping him out to have someone to keep Penelope occupied.  I took Milly over there around lunchtime and they started playing right away.

I met Amanda for lunch at Playa Mariachi.  We got an Attractions book the other day from Kenzie and Kimber and used a coupon from that.  Amanda had bought a few things at Old Navy at 40% off for Milly before we met up.  Long sleeved things, since little from last year will likely fit her this year.

Amanda had an idea to go to Wine Sampler after we picked up Milly.  We dropped her off with Hannah then went and spent a little time together.  It was her way of getting me to stop working at a decent time.  It was sweet and it was a nice time, even though we weren’t out very long.

While sitting at the table tonight, Milly was looking at an ad book from Ulta.  The cover had a bunch of fingernail polish bottles, and most of them were tipped over and slightly spilled.  Milly noted this, and I told her it looked like someone had made a big mess.  She agreed, but then she said that it had been done so you could see what the fingernail polish “actually” looks like.  How perspicacious is that?  I was so proud.  Amanda asked her if she was going to go into advertising when she grew up.

Milly told me a day or two ago that she wanted to be a doctor, then she changed it to a mail lady, then tonight after all that she changed it back to a doctor.  To clarify, she said she wanted to be a dentist because it was easy.  I called up Barry so she could tell him that and discuss her future career as a dentist.

Milly told me another shadow puppet story tonight.  It was about a butterfly girl who got sick with bad bad medicine (queue the Bon Jovi song that’s been in my head ever since she said that).  Her parents took her to a doctor butterfly who put a thermometer under her tongue until it got to five: zero, one, two, three, four, five, then gave her medicine that tasted like grape.  She got better and lived “heppily” ever after.  Sometimes Milly says it like that, “heppily” instead of “happily”.  It reminds me to Maid Marion on Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Zach Dotsey