Sad news today, as I found out this afternoon that Tristen is gone, and probably for good.  And by Tristen, I mean the spider by the driveway that Milly named Tristen, not the other Tristen, who, along with Nick, came over for dinner and hung out a bit tonight.

I took Milly to school this morning and Amanda picked her up.  I worked pretty steadily and felt like I got a good bit done, but I still feel like I’m behind.  I gave Michael another assignment, so that works out all around I suppose.

Monique brought Rosa and Emil over for a bit, which was great because it’s been a while since Milly and Rosa have been able to get together, outside of Grow Zone last week anyway.

As I was digging into some intensive work, Amanda asked me if I’d go to the store at some point to pick up some things for dinner.  I decided to go ahead and go before I was really entrenched.  I rode my bike there just because I thought it would make me happier than feeling like I was under so much.  And it did.  I like riding my bike.

I stopped work around 6:30 because Milly had mentioned earlier that she’d like to ride bikes.  She seemed pretty happy when I asked her if she still wanted to do that.  Kenzie and Kimber were outside when we went out, so the four of us rode up the street together.  Milly and i were on bikes and Kenzie and Kimber switched between a scooter and a Roller Racer, or whatever the modern equivalent is called.

Kenzie thought she could beat me in a race, scooter versus bike, and Kimber thought she could beat me in a foot race.  I showed no mercy on either of them.  Milly was really cute when I was racing Kenzie.  She was sitting on her bike (about on the shoulder of a side road) and yelling “Go Zach! Go Zach!”  Nice that she was pulling for me over her friend.

We all headed back towards our houses (which are directly across the street from each other) after the races.  Milly tried out the Roller Racer, first with me taking her down the hill to the cul-de-sac twice, once by herself and once with Kenzie.  She really enjoyed that.

Nick and Tristen got to the house soon after that.  Like I said, we ate dinner and hung out for a bit.  Nick talked a little about his dad’s condition.  If you recall (or missed it), he’s in the hospital after a motorcycle accident, and things aren’t looking the best.  We talked about happier things too, though.

Zach Dotsey