Milly’s dance school, A Leap Above, had a showing at Riverfest downtown today.  This was her second year of doing it.  Before we went though, we had to stop by Target to buy her some shorts.  She needed jean short or black shorts, and we didn’t have any of either that fit her.  Technically, we still don’t since the ones I got her are a bit too big, but they were 70% off and she should be able to wear them the next time the weather turns warm.

Since Amanda’s foot is still sprained, I let her and Milly off at the Port City Java where Michael works then went and parked the car in a client’s parking lot.  We hung out there for a bit, eating muffins and drinking things, then went over to the parking lot behind the Cotton Exchange where Milly jumped in a bouncy house for a few minutes and rode a weird mechanical tiger thing.  Tristen met up with us then we headed over to the stage.

Amanda and Tristen sat down on the bleachers that were set up while I took on the role of dance mom, helping Milly get ready and in place.  Milly hung out with the two girls from her class, Liza and Ella, then they went on stage.  It was, of course, cute.  They had girls from other classes too, so it wasn’t just the three of them.

Prior to Milly’s dancing there was a karate demonstration.  Lee Siscoe, someone we know a little through the Warkentiens, was on stage for that.  Milly didn’t recognize her, but said she was like Mulan.

Afterwards the four of us walked around for a few minutes.  Amanda, Milly and I walked back to the Port City Java then I walked back to the car and picked them up.  We went home and did a bit of mostly nothing for a bit, though I did play Rayman’s Raving Rabbids for Milly for a little bit (but only after she cleaned her room, which she did a great job of).  Charles and Deanna across the street were having a yard sale and we saw they had a Lightning McQueen tent.  Amanda thought Eli might like it, so I asked how much they wanted for it and they just gave it to us.  That was really nice of them.

At some point in the mid-afternoon we went to Anna and Barry’s.  We took Harvey with us so he could play with Milo (Hannah and Christian were there too) and also to take him out on the beach.  He hasn’t been to the beach, I’m pretty sure, since before Milly was born.  He jumped in the water a few times, but he wouldn’t go very far.

There were a bunch of jellyfish that had washed up on shore and Milly was poking at them.  I don’t know if it’s the reason or not, but her face started stinging a bit, so we took her in after that.  She never touched the bottom of any of them, but still, if she messed with them then touched her face, it might have caused the irritation.

We sat around for a while.  Barry and I had a good chat and a beer.  Michael and Jenn showed up.  We ate dinner.  Anna and Barry gave Milly two of Hannah’s old Barbie dolls that were still in boxes (though one had just been put back in it).

All day Milly had been talking about putting on a fashion show with Kirsten (who ended up not making it), so she put on a fashion show with the clothes Amanda recently bought her.  We all sat at the table on the side porch and Milly would come strutting over from around the corner (she was changing in the foyer) and pose for a minute, all business, while we oohed and ahhed over her outfits and sass.  Milly told Anna at one point that she was supposed to be doing it too and that she’d go get her something.  Sure enough, she came back a few minutes later with a tank top for Anna.

We headed on home and Milly went down easily.  Amanda and I watched a bit of TV.

We’re not pregnant or anything, but we asked Milly if some friends of ours had a baby and let her name it what she would name a girl and a boy, including the middle name.  In that order, her answers were Lula Looliloo and Jack Jaguar.  I actually really like those names.

Zach Dotsey