We had a very laid back day today.  We went to church like usual, then we came on home.  It looks like it was going to rain when we left the house, and it actually did a little bit later on in the afternoon, but it wasn’t anything major.

We ate breakfast, Milly and I played a little bit of Little Big Planet.  I rode my bike to the store to get some stuff for Amanda to make some sausage dip.  We started watching Paranorman, and while I was starting to enjoy it, it was a bit much for Milly.

Amanda and I helped Milly with a school project, which was where she was supposed to turn a piece of construction paper into a pumpkin.  No instructions other than “be creative”.  My ideas was to cut it into strips and make it a 3D thing, but we ended up letting Milly cut it into a circle and paste strips of orange construction paper on it.  She cut out two eyes and pasted them and a stem on it, as well as two feathers for leaves, then drew in the mouth and the nose.

Not long after that was done, Milly went upstairs.  She was quiet up there for a while, so I went to check on her.  I could see the light on under her door, but when I went in I found her under the covers in her bed.  I quietly turned off the light and left, but before I got to the bottom of the steps I heard her get up, and when I went back up I saw the light was on again.

I let it be, though I went back up a little while later to check on her again.  This time I saw her roll over and cover her head, so I stepped back out of site to see what she’d do, basically to try to figure out if she was just playing a game or what.  I talked to her for a minute and figured out that she really was just tired, so I pulled a curtain back and turned the light back off.  I went back up again after a while just to make sure she’d be able to sleep when it was time to go to bed for real.

Outside of all that, Amanda and I caught up on a few shows.

Zach Dotsey