Milly cleaned her room all on her own this morning.

Woke up a little late, but still got Milly to school on time.  I was talking on the phone to a client when I realized it was 12:31, and her school gets out at 12:30.  Fortunately it’s only a couple minutes away.  She was the last kid in the room.

We were having a nice conversation, but she took her shoes off when I told her not to (since we’re so close to home), so I told her she was going to have to go in the corner when she got home.  It’s not that the offense was that bad, but she really needs to learn to obey better.  Took her punishment well.

Worked throughout the day.  Went to check on Milly at one point and found her passed out in her bed.  She got up briefly then went back to bed.  Asked her why she was so tired and she said it was because she had a big day at school.  Found out she later went back up to sleep.

Ramifications came around 9:00.  Nightlight is out, so she’s using Lady.  I guess she was still awake when Lady’s timer automatically turned her off.  Milly told me she was “freaked out.”  I tried talking to her about getting back in bed and going to sleep, but she started insisting that she sleep in our bed tonight.  That wasn’t going well so Amanda gimped up the stairs and talked to her about when she gets afraid of the dark, closing her eyes tight and thinking happy thoughts.

That worked for a few minutes, then Milly yelled for her.  I went up and told her she didn’t have to squeeze her eyes shut, because that could take too much effort.  I told her to just close them and think of things that make her happy.  So we discussed that, and her happy thing was playing at Smith Creek Park with Eli and Callie and Rosa and Addy and Graelyn and Jackson and Cailey (her other cousins).  Then the park became a new park that was rainbow (colored).  She kept over-pronouncing  the “BOW”.  RainBOW.

Zach Dotsey