Girls got back in time to pick me up and go to the 11:00 service at church.  I’d planned on working through most of the day and getting the house nice and clean, but they came back too soon.

Cleaned up the yard.  Couldn’t get a fire going, so there’s a pile on the burn pile and a larger one next to it, plus a bunch of logs stacked up for future fires.

Milly came to supervise me.  I got one X and the rest checks.  The X was because I wasn’t talking while I worked.  Checks included be yourself, do your best and check to make sure your pants aren’t falling down.

Went to the new Islands location for dinner.  Very nice, but the interior is all wood and noise carries, kind of loud.  Nice outside area though, and there’s a little room off the main one that is quieter.

Zach Dotsey