Slept until about 9, got up at 10, started working at 12

Worked until about 5 when Amy’s dad, Doug, came over to help me cut down some trees with the chainsaw I borrowed from Dad.  Got several trees down then one large branch fell on the fence at the back of the yard and broke three pieces.  Fortunately nobody lives there right now.

We cut up the branches in the back-neighbor’s yard then I went to Lowe’s to get nails and some wood to fix the fence while Doug cut the trees into logs.  Fence was repaired just fine.  Nick and Eli were there shortly after I got back.  Eli wanted to see what was going on.

When they left, Nick forgot his dog, Max, so he had to come back to get him.

Got back to work around 8, worked until 4 in the morning.  Almost done with all my work.

Zach Dotsey