There was a firetruck at Milly’s school this morning.  There wasn’t a fire or anything; some firefighters brought it in to teach them about fire safety.  Drop and roll, Milly learned.  When I was young it was stop, drop and roll.

Amanda and Milly took off for Richlands after Amanda picked Milly up from school.  I told Amanda a bit ago that if I just had a couple days with no distractions, it would go a long way towards getting caught up with all the work I’ve got.  So that’s what’s happening.

Well, that’s what happened until 7:30 anyway.  I stopped work, picked up a few beers and a sub for dinner then went over to Nick’s place for a fire.  Greg Mason and Brent Holloman joined.  This was the most I’ve talked to Brent before.  We apparently have very similar tastes inTV shows.

Fire at Nick's

I brought Harvey along and let him run around.  He did a good job of not going too far and coming when called.

Nick had a hard time getting the fire really going.  It finally started blazing up around 12:30 when Greg and Brent left.  Since Nick was still hanging out and we were enjoying the fire, I stayed until about 2.  Amy joined us for a little bit.

Zach Dotsey