I took a shower after I finished working for the day.  Amanda had gone to the Wine Sampler with Amy and Milly is generally pretty good about taking care of herself, so I didn’t think anything of getting in the shower.  After I got out Milly said something, I can’t remember what it was or how she phrased it, about water or cleaning up, something to that effect.  Whatever it was she said, I knew she had made a mess.

You see, Milly likes cleaning the floors.  And that’s great, but Milly’s method of cleaning a floor is to dump cups of water on it then run a mop over it.

Earlier, it should be noted, Milly was playing with rubber ducks (they used to be her absolute favorite toys!) in large bowls with water.  So you can see where this is going.  Milly decided she’d dump these large bowls of water, salad bowls, I’m talking about, all over the floor.  So yeah, the mop she was using was doing nothing but pushing it around.  And that’s what she was trying to tell me as I was getting dressed.

It took four or five towels.  There was standing water on parts of the living room floor, and there were traces of water in the hallway and kitchen too.  I didn’t raise my voice at Milly, but she knew I was upset.  She cried and asked if we were going to have to get rid of all our stuff, since I told her that much water on the floor could really mess up the house.

We were also supposed to be leaving for the Warkentiens’ house.  Amy’s dad is in town and was watching Eli and Ada while Nick worked and Amy went to the leaders meeting at church, and he said he could watch Milly too, since we were also going to the leaders meeting.  I was a few minutes late in getting there.

She was really sweet though.  When we were getting ready to leave she told me to be happy, and I told her I was just stressed out and frustrated.  She went over to her table and said she was going to draw me a picture to make me happy.  I told her the fact that she wanted to draw a picture to make me happy made me happy and I gave her a hug.

On the way to the Warkentien house, I did something I probably should not have.  Amanda called, and I told  her what Milly had done and Amanda told me that she’d specifically told Milly not to do that.  So when we got off the phone I told Milly that because she directly disobeyed, Santa was bringing her one less toy for Christmas.  What I was trying to do, and what I explained to her, was that she made the choice to disobey what Amanda had told her, and that there were consequences.  Isn’t that what the whole naughty or nice thing is about though?  She was sad about that, but not for long.  It was almost like she sucked it up and took ownership of it.  Or maybe I’m projecting what I wanted her to do onto how she stopped being sad and went back to being her normal self.

The leaders meeting was nice.  They had cider (and pumpkin lattes), s’mores (with Reece’s Cups, who’da ever thunk?) and a very good video message by Andy Stanley.  There was very little to our discussion though, as it was just me, Amanda and two other people.  It’s a shame, because the last leaders meeting, I thought went very well when they stuck two pods together.  Just a low turnout I guess.

Milly got to stay up until 9 tonight, in part because someone (that would be this guy) didn’t think to feed her before taking her anywhere tonight.  We got back to the house maybe a little before or right around 8:30 and she wanted cheese toast, so that’s what I made her.  I also went ahead and fixed her lunch for tomorrow.

I was a bit frustrated with work today.  I was doing a largish project for a client using a different system than usual.  It’s not a bad system, but it’s in beta, sort of, for the functionality I was using.  Then I got word of a bunch of changes that I think will cause the issue I was having.  There’s not much to it other than it took a bit of time and I’m afraid I’ll have to redo a large portion of it, bits of it from scratch.  That’s the main thing I get to focus on tomorrow.

I’m really ready to get to the point where I can hire an assistant, at least part-time.

Zach Dotsey