I’ve been so slack at keeping up on here. It happens from time to time, you know. I’ve got quick notes about a lot of the missed time, and hopefully I’ll make it up at some point. For now, I’ll tell you about today.

Amanda and I both went to bed shortly after we got back from dinner with the Nowaks last night, swapping Eurotrip stories. Milly was up at some point, 7:00 maybe? Amanda and I stayed in bed, and after the alarm to get up for church went off I cuddled up to her for a bit. We left for church about 20 minutes later than usual, but the Grow Zone line was strangely not very long at all yet when we got there.

After church we changed things up a little. We were going to go to IHOP, but the line was to the door, so we went to Cracker Barrel instead. After that we went to Old Navy to buy Milly a new winter coat and a couple other items of clothes. She also got a clearance-priced soccer ball and played with a girl who goes to her school, though the girl is a five dayer, so they’re in different classes.

We then went to Target, mainly to get wrapping paper. We went home and Milly had me play the Frozen game on her iPad, which is essentially Candy Crush. After a while she wanted to watch me play Skyrim (which is part of the reason I’ve been slack on here).

Amanda decided to toss out some old clothes. I have a little input on sorting out old t-shirts. I hated throwing some away because many were American eagle shirts from when Amanda and I were dating or newly weds, but whatever. The floor of our closet is clear of clothes now too, for the first time probably since we moved here. There might have been one other time.

Duke played Vermont at 6:30. I told Milly that if she watched the game with me she could stay up a little late, but only if she was actually watching the game. She decided that would be more fun than going to bed, so she did. She was asking questions and chanting and such, so it was fun. Of course, she was also twirling around in her cloak and singing Christmas songs.

Before the game I told Amanda I hoped Milly would fall asleep watching the game snuggled up on me, and that happened. I think there was under a minute left on the game clock when she dozed off, but it made me happy. It reminded me of times when I was little and fought to stay awake to watch something, but lost the battle.

Speaking of losing he battle, Duke’s defense was terrible tonight. Vermont’s record coming into the game was 1-4 or 5. The number is higher in the loss column now, but it didn’t feel like it. Against this team and ECU, both if which should have been gimmes, Duke gave up a ton of layups and open jumpers to make the games MUCH tighter than they should have been. The defense is just awful, and if something doesn’t change soon, Duke’s going to drop from being considered a title contender. The final score tonight was 91-90.

There were several upsets throughout the day, including UNC beating
Louisville, which I found irritating.

Anyway, Amanda and I finished the night with an episode of The Walking Dead. I’m about to play some more Skyrim.

Zach Dotsey