Milly told me yesterday that she wanted to make a Christmas ornament for Amanda, so this morning she and I looked online for Christmas ornaments you can make and settled on creating dough, shaping them with cookie cutters and painted them with food coloring.

It was a good bit of dough though, so we made enough for a bunch of friends and family. If you’re reading this and get one, act surprised.

Anyway, that put me behind a bit with my work, but it was worth the time Milly and I got to spend doing something fun and crafty.

Nick stopped by to pick something up for Amy for her editing. He and I talked a bit. I also talked to Amy, who said the footage for the video came out well, though you can hear her corduroys in some shots. Future lesson: don’t wear cords on a video shoot.

Amanda got home a little late. She was called into a meeting to discuss some logistics for a part of her job at 4:45 and that took a bit of time.

Not much else to talk about. I worked a little late, watched How I Met Your Mother and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland with Amanda after Milly went to bed. I’m watching Stanford versus Houston for the heck of it right now. It’s tied at the half. Since Stanford’s coach is Johnny Dawkins, a former Blue Devil player and coach, I’m going for them. (Edit: Stanford won 86-76.)

Zach Dotsey