Tonight for small group we wore our pajamas and enjoyed each other’s balls.  There were chocolate balls, chocolate and peanut butter balls, cheese balls and there would have been sausage balls, but poor Airlie was sick so the Sawyers didn’t come.

We played Wits and Wagers, which I won on the last question.  It asked when the 40 hour work week was instituted in the US.  The way I remembered it is 40 hours, 1940.

I spent my morning trying to clean up the remaining websites that I was trying to fix.  It’s slow going.

I took Milly to play with Maggie after I picked her up from school.  Kevin needed a ride to pick up his car, so I took him to that and then we had lunch at Plaza Mariachi.  He hadn’t eaten there before.

I had a meeting after that, and it went well.  After that I stopped by Target to pick up some iTunes gift cards to give the the guys in small group (Amanda got something else for the ladies) then it was back home to work some more.

Milly got to come with us to small group and played with Isaac and Emma Love a bit.  She really enjoys other kids, but she needs to stop getting so upset when they want to do things other than what she wants.

Zach Dotsey