A couple years ago I got a lot of attention at the Port City Community Church Ugly Sweater Party by wearing a sweater with a hand-painted Santa Claus head on it and the sleeves cut off with a plaid red shirt underneath.  Last year I wore a more generic sweater.

This year I wore the same sweater as the first year, but with nothing under it.  Bare arms, baby!  And it was cold outside.  I thought about wearing a jacket and making an entrance by tossing it off when I walked in, but I thought coming in in all the glory would make more of an impact.  Indeed I got some looks and compliments.  I ended up a runner-up, which I was cool with.  I got some prizes and all.

Sadly, the only picture of me wearing it doesn’t show it in its full glory.  Plus I look really intense while trying to help Amanda wrap a present blindfolded.

The rest of the night was very fun.  We sat with the Wickers and a few people we didn’t know (but sort of got to know).  Each table had to do some challenges.  Every couple or three tables had someone assigned to take pictures and Tristen was our person.  Nick was there too as part of the cleanup crew.  It was a pretty fun night.