Today went by like pretty much any normal Tuesday.  Milly got up shortly after Amanda, Amanda fed her and went to work, Milly and I played a little in the morning and I did some work.

One thing that was different was that I gave Milly a bath.  Since it entertained her, I let her stay in it for a while (in the one across the hall from the office, lest anyone think I’m a totally neglectful father).  I turned up the computer and played songs from Frozen for her after I heard her singing For the First Time in Forever and got some video for Amanda of her singing Let it Go, easily her favorite song from the movie.

She and Amanda went to dance then to the doctor afterwards.  Milly had complained of some burning recently.  Turns out there’s no UTI, which is great, but Dr. Hill advised her not to hold her pee so long.  It’s a pretty common thing in this house to hear Milly run down the hallway and into the bathroom while exclaiming, “I gotta pee!”

I stopped working at 5 because Amanda had the idea of going to Brixx (kids eat free on Tuesdays) then going to a neighborhood behind Mayfaire that we heard had an exceptional display of Christmas lights.  We did just that, and were going to see Santa too, but for some reason Milly decided she just wanted to mail her Christmas list to him.  It was a bit perplexing, but we weren’t going to force it.

The lights were pretty cool.  One house had a sign that instructed you to tune your radio to 91.1 FM where the music was synched up to their lighting display.  We parked in front of the house (we weren’t the only ones) for a song or two.  I guess Milly didn’t realize we were stopped on purpose because she asked, irritated, when the car in front of us was going to move.

The houses in that neighborhood are all really nice and it would be a really cool place to live.  The one weird thing though was that there were a lot of people out jogging.  I mean, there were groups of people jogging passing by every few minutes.  It was very odd.  Almost creepy.

After that we drove through King’s Grant, which had some decent displays too, though nothing like the last neighborhood.  Milly got excited about the big displays, but she also showed enthusiasm when some houses just had a  strand of lights on a bush.  I love that child.

She was tired after that, so we went on home.   I suggested we look for a Christmas show, but the only thing Amanda could find was a crappy Flintstones cartoon from 1977.  It kept Milly’s attention though.

Zach Dotsey