Amanda took Milly out and about a bit after picking her up from school today.  In the course of that, Amanda got Milly the soundtrack to Frozen, which she said was the greatest thing.  Milly was (loudly) singing all the songs as they drove around.  No shocker to me, as I’ve been playing it for her on Spotify for a while now.

When we realized that was Milly’s first CD I noted that it would probably be her only CD, since CDs seem to be on the way out in favor of digital files and free online streaming.

As a Duke fan, I know that there’s not much better than a night when Duke wins and Carolina loses, so I know NC State fans love it when they win and the Heels lose, too.  Small group was pretty informal tonight, so we watched State beat Tennessee and Carolina lose to Texas in a close one at the Dean Dome.  It’s so perplexing to see a team beat the preseason first, second and third ranked teams, admittedly the best early season resume, and lose to three unranked teams, two of them at home.

We also played Seven Wonders after the kids went to bed.  Stephanie won followed by Reece then David (playing for the first time), Amanda then me.  I didn’t think I did as poorly as I did and I thought Reece was winning.  Oh well.  The Johnsons, according to the signatures on the inside of the box, have shown some dominance in the game.

Kirsten watched Milly tonight, which was great for both of them.  Milly educated Kookie on Frozen and then introduced her to some of her newer things, like story time.  Kirsten told us that Milly had her tell three of them.  One involved about ten characters (all of the characters from Zig and Sharko plus Disney Princesses and My Little Ponies) and another involved Ella the Mystery Girl.

I actually had a couple good original stories today and last night.  Last night’s involved a cursed princess being led by a wizard and a warrior to the fairy that cursed her who really just wanted a friend.  Milly said her favorite part was when they became friends.

On the way to school I told her the story of a pair of boots who loved it when they girl played outside with them, but they got lost and forgotten about for a while.  They were found, but the girl had outgrown them, so they were sad.  They got donated to another playful little girl though, which made them happy again.

On the subject of throwing things out, the trash came today and took the things Amanda snuck into the trash from Milly’s room.  The only thing of real note was Pinkful.  Pinkful was a pink-haired mermaid Milly had been given by the people at Brilliant Sky.  She was a regular in the bathtub, but her right arm broke off a while back and I couldn’t fix it.  So long, Pinkful.

Zach Dotsey