One of the first things I noticed this morning was that Cobb had spit up a hairball on my MacBook.  Fortunately the cover was down, but still, come on, cat!

I spent some time today editing a Christmas video for my clients.  I shot some footage around the house last night and today, and when Amanda took Milly to the Aquarium I did a short message for it from myself.  The hardest part of that was finding a good focal range while shooting myself.  I think I’ll send it out on Monday.

That reminds me, I need to get some Christmas newsletters ready for my clients.

Amanda went to the Wine Sampler with some of her lady friends.  She and Monique got a bite to eat afterwards and ended up sitting with a couple they talked to at the Sampler.  They go to our church and paid for the food too.

Meanwhile, Milly and I went to Atlanta Bread.  It wasn’t, according to her, a daddy-daughter date, but a Frozen party.  She wanted to invite Callie, but I told her we couldn’t do that tonight.  She had something in her head about the whole deal, I don’t know.  We had a nice time though.  She ate a grilled cheese and I had potato soup in a bread bowl.  I told Milly that I thought she had a bright future ahead of her because she’s smart, funny and beautiful.

When we got back we snuggled up and watched the Duke-UCLA game.  Milly got into it a bit and practiced reading numbers every time the score changed.

I told her she needed to get ready for bed at halftime, but if she wanted to stay up and watch the game, she could.  She was tired and made the responsible decision to go to bed, but we did have a good time watching it.

The game was tied at 37 at the half.  Duke actually played some defense in the second and decided to play smarter against UCLA’s zone defense to end up winning 80-63.  Rasheed Sulaimon, who hasn’t played well this year, had a nice game.  Amile Jefferson did as well.  Jabari Parker was the leading scorer once again, followed by Rodney Hood and Quinn Cook.  If Duke can consistently play like they did in the second half, which is more like people were expecting them to play at the beginning of the season, they’ll be one of the teams in championship discussion come March.

Zach Dotsey