Milly had a Christmas party at her school today.  Each kid brought in a $5 gift for someone of the same sex.  Milly picked out a little Sofia the First toy and received an off-brand My Little Pony, which she’s really been enjoying today.  She named it Aliyah Ranbowcandy.

This evening we went to the Hausers’ new house.  It’s very nice.  It’s in a gated community and has a very open floor plan with a separate upstairs guest apartment.  When we got there Simon took me on a short walk to the bay at the back of the community. 

Amanda and Monique made pizzas while Milly, Rosa and Emil ran around.  Some other German friends of theirs who also had a small kid came over.  I really enjoyed talking to them.  I spoke German sparingly, but the wife, who teaches German at UNCW part of the year and teaches English in Germany the rest of the year, complimented my accent.

Jared and Ashley Stufflebeam came over for a bit too.  They’re always entertaining.

Zach Dotsey