Very warm today. Short sleeves.

Amanda off to look at wedding dresses with Robin.

Milly and I (in Rapunzel princess dress and Santa hat respectively):

  • IHOP – Milly’s first time there, ordered French toast. Balloon guy made a flower for her.
  • Costco – Couple of gifts
  • Petsmart – fish food, Harvey ate the last one.
  • Best Buy – another gift
  • Brilliant Sky
  • Starbucks – Saw Hannah. Milly talked to balloon flower, said it moves by magic.
  • Walked outside to go, saw Theo. Milly wanted to walk by water, sat in grass and partially popped balloon flower. She was heartbroken. Really enjoyed carrying it around today.

Overall had a great day with Milly.

Got home, Milly played with Kenzie and Kimber while I raked. Pretty sore now from that.

Took a shower then found Milly resting in her room watching Zig and Sharko.

Wrapped presents. Decided to exchange one. Milly “helped” keep Amanda out of the guest room while I wrapped.

Milly wanted to watch me play Skyrim, so I did that but switched to UNC-Davidson a bit. Wildcats choked down the stretch, got killed in overtime.

Amanda and I both exhausted from the day. Caught up on Parks and Rec, Big Bang Theory, watched SNL Christmas Special.

Zach Dotsey