Woke up to find Milly dressed as Merida; dress, wig, bow and arrow.

Finished watching a recent SNL with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

Returned something at Costco, got some other things there and Target.  It’s for the white elephant Christmas thing we do at my parents’ house.

Literally spent the rest of the day moving five piles of leaves to burn them.

Amanda cleaned all day, laundry and vacuum. Also made cookies for some of my clients. Milly and I will deliver tomorrow.

Milly split time between playing outside with leaves and chalk and inside with toys. Ponies, in particular, giving many of them Play-Doh clothes.

Papa Murphy’s for dinner.

Watched a thing on the ancient history if Paris. Cool to see some places I went besides the usual tourist spots.

Zach Dotsey