Amanda baked cookies last night for a number of clients.  Milly and I bagged and delivered them today.  Left the house a little after 10:30, didn’t get back until close to 4.

Unfortunately, most of my clients that I went to see were either off already or out.

Stopped by Amanda’s office to see her.

Had lunch at Quizno’s with Barry.

Everyone complimented Milly’s look, especially her boots.

Were going to eat at Islands with Michael, but Islands was closed so we went to Plaza Mariachi, which is a little more expensive for dinner.  Amanda met us there, drove straight from work.

Met back up with Michael at Costco so he could buy a gift.

Amanda was going to take Milly to see some more Christmas lights on the way home, but Milly was more interested in eating part of a giant Peppermint Patty she’d been given.

Weather was weird.  Rained lightly off and on a lot.

Can’t believe Jackson turned nine years old today!  Called to wish him happy birthday.  Andra turned it into a Facetime and Milly and Addy tried to take over.  Really looking forwar to seeing them in a couple days.

Zach Dotsey