Amanda and I agreed last night before going to bed (early for me, at 10:00) that unless we were awake for it, we’d sleep in a bit and go to the 11:00 service at church today.  Milly didn’t even get up until after 9:00, which was pretty awesome, so neither did we.

Really enjoyed the message at church today.  Made me think.  It’s about Risk.  I’m thinking about going back and re-watching it.

I texted Nick and Tristen to see if they were going to the 11:00 service and to see if today would be a good day to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  So Amanda, Milly and I went out to Mayfaire after church.  The plan was to eat at Atlanta Bread then I was going to meet up with Nick and Tristen to see the movie.  It took forever to get out of the church parking lot, however, so I just hopped out of the car at the theater.

Amanda and I had a free ticket, so I used that, and I also happened to get a free popcorn which I was able to pay $2 to upgrade to a large.  I figured I’d do that and share it with the Meyers, who were on their way.  Turns out Nick doesn’t eat popcorn, but Tristen and (really, mostly I) took care of it.

Really enjoyed the movie.  It’s been a while since I saw the first Hobbit flick, but I think I liked this one even better.

I would have gotten my free refill on the popcorn before we left, but we grabbed some Brixx afterwards, so I didn’t want to carry around a giant bucket of popcorn.  They took me home when we finished there.  I was home briefly then went back out to Costco and PetSmart to get things like dog food, cat food, litter, dishwasher detergent and gas.  Actually, I think that’s everything I got.

Amanda had undecorated all the Christmas stuff except for the lights outside and taking apart the tree, so I did those.  Amanda’s thinking of getting rid of the tree to get on that’s easier to put up and take down.  Holdup is that Harvey (or Max, when he was here, but probably Harvey, for some reason) peed on the three one time.  You have to stick your nose right up on the branch he got and even then the smell is faint, but I did hose it down with vinegar.

Milly wanted me to sit with her and watch My Little Pony, so we did a few episodes of then.  Then she went upstairs and played with her My Little Pony Equestria Girls and had me join her in that.  Milly switched up their clothes and boots, and in her mind that makes them become the other pony, so Pinkie Pie, for example, becomes Apple Jack, so you’re supposed to talk like whichever one’s clothes they’re wearing.

Milly got up once after she went to bed to get some water, to pee and then to poop.  She told us her stomach was hurting.  Mine’s bugging me a little tonight too, but I don’t think we’ve eaten anything in common.  Amanda said she hopes we’re not getting whatever she had recently.

Zach Dotsey