The cold weather went away and it was actually nice out today.

We invited the Warkentiens and Meyers over for dinner and to play Cards Against Humanity.  Milly and I were sitting on the porch when Tristen arrived (Nick stayed home) and Milly got her to play iPad games with her.

Warkentiens arrived a little later.  Nick said Ada had been acting awful for twenty minutes as they were trying to leave, but she was as sweet as could be once they got here.

After dinner Milly and Eli played Disney Infinity until bed time while Ada mostly played with toys.

We put all three kids in Milly’s room, Milly and Eli sleeping in the top bunk, which Milly hadn’t done yet because of Amanda’s fear that she’d fall getting out in the middle of the night.  Ada ended up downstairs and we had to go upstairs once or twice to tell Milly and Eli to quiet down, but they did pretty well.

Cards Against Humanity was fun as always.  Nick and Tristen had ordered the original game and received it today whereas our copy is coming tomorrow.  Tristen let us have their copy so we could mix in the two expansions we’ve got.

We looked at YouTube videos for a bit.  Tristen wanted to check out the house for sale across the street so I went over there with her.  She decided to jump the fence to check out the backyard.  She got a bruise, I landed on my feet.

Amanda went to bed after everyone left and I played a little Skyrim, which I haven’t done in a week or so.

Zach Dotsey