I left the house early this morning to get some stuff to fix our gates.  To open them there was this string that pulls up a latch, but it broke on both of our gates, so I was going to try to find something to install that would work as a handle on both sides or else get a rubber-covered chain or metal cord of some sort.  I didn’t know how long they needed to be and I’d have had to have them cut to length, so I just got some more regular rope cord and a new hinge for the door on the bedroom side of the house.

Amanda cleaned out closet more, now has fewer clothes in there than I do.

She and Milly made French toast muffins.

Milly and I watched the Disney version of Robin Hood, which my dad took me to see when I was even younger than she is I think.  Towards the beginning of the movie she called him Rodney Hood, which made me pretty proud.  Rodney Hood, if you don’t know, is an outstanding Duke player who has been leading the Blue Devils in scoring the past few games.

Later on Amanda showed Milly the cast of Frozen on IMDB.  Amanda would say, “This is the girl who does the voice for  Elsa.”

Milly would interestedly say, “Oh.”

“This is Anna.”


“This is Kristoff.”

Oh!”  Amanda and I both tried suppressing laughs.  “He’s handsome!”

Then Duke lost at Clemson.  Clemson is not that good.  Yet again, Duke got up to a double digit lead then choked it away in the last minutes of the game.  It’s beginning to get alarming.

We watched Princess Bride with Milly for the first time.  Her favorite part was death of Vizzini, which she reenacted after she brushed her teeth by cocking her head to the side and dropping to the floor.  That’s not cause for concern, is it?

Zach Dotsey