There’s been a lot of good basketball on lately.  I suppose some people would think of the Duke-Maryland game as a good one.  It was close and came down to the final possession and Duke won, so it was entertaining.  We Duke fans all wanted to see a brutal beatdown on a not very good Maryland team who was turning their back on the tradition of the ACC and leaving for the Big 10.

As it was Duke probably had their worst offensive performance all season (well, since they turned things around anyway), and at least they still won.  Still, they’ve got three more games in the next week, and starting them off with a close one that should have been a gimme is a little disheartening.  Then again, maybe it let them work all the kinks out.

NC State almost beat Syracuse.  Kentucky and Florida had a good game.  Florida won by ten, but it was closer than that throughout.

I went by Art Fuel today to discuss the next tattoo I’ll be getting.  Looking forward to that.  I’ll be going in a week from Tuesday to get the lines done then I’ll go in at some other points to get it colored.

Nick and Amy dropped Eli and Ada off to go out and do some things.  Amanda watched them while I went out then she went out with Cyra for a bit while I watched them.  They weren’t any trouble for me at all.  Amanda kept them occupied making cookies.

Zach Dotsey