Amanda had the idea to have breakfast together at Sweet & Savory for Valentine’s Day, which was nice since we weren’t planning on even possibly going out tonight.  I already had a meeting scheduled for 10:00 though, so Amanda took Milly to school and I met her at the restaurant.  I gave her a pair of earrings I bought for her Saturday.

Meeting went fine.  It was just to kind of review some work and discuss future work.

Rockstar MillyWhile I was out Amanda picked up a Valentine’s Day gift for Milly, which she called a rockstar outfit.  It was a shirt, some sparkly pants and a hat.  After Milly opened it and put it on she invited us upstairs for a rock show.  She told a story about a king, a queen who was sick and an evil queen.  When we told her we were ready for a song she started singing Disturbia by Rihanna.  Just the “dum dum deda, dum dum de duh duh” part with “Disturbia” thrown in a few times.

I had also wanted to get Milly some jewelry, but when I was out the other day I couldn’t find the right combination of “appropriate for a four-year-old” and “cheap enough that I won’t get upset if a four-year-old loses it”, so I went to Target and found a set of two necklaces for $10.  One had three small hearts on it and the other had a heart with an arrow through it.  I thought they fit everything I was looking for.

When I got home I was greeted with a dinner of Alice Springs chicken, my favorite entree at Outback, along with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  Milly gave us some crap about eating the chicken (it was chicken, which she likes, and cheese, which she loves!), but after a trip to the corner (in the guest room so we wouldn’t have to hear her so much) she eventually ate it.  She did spit one piece of asparagus in the bathroom trash can, but I made her eat another, bigger piece.

After dinner we let her pick a movie to all watch together and she picked The Princess Bride.  She didn’t ask nearly as many questions this time.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I caught up on Community, which I really enjoy, and Amanda surprised me a bit.

Zach Dotsey