I just updated the look of this website for the who knows how many-th time.  I seriously did consider the number of looks this site has had for a minute.  I mean, even if you only take into consideration the ones that stuck around for more than a few weeks while I was trying out different looks and configurations, I’m really not sure.

The site started in 2006 I think.  I started out manually adding pages and links with every entry before I came to my senses and figured that there must be a better way to do it.  And there was: blogging software!

I settled on WordPress and I think I started out with the Kubrick theme.  I can’t remember the names of all of the themes since, but there have probably been somewhere in the neighborhood of ten.  The most recent two were Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, although this site was inactive for the majority of 2014.  I’ve used a number of free themes and now I’m using a premium theme I’ve used on a number of client websites that I’ve come to really like.  I haven’t really tried making it a simple blog, but I think the result is decent.  I might mess with the design some more at some point.

I also finally moved the main portion of the site to be in the root directory.  This means zachdotsey.com now has the content, as opposed to it being mostly in a folder previously.  I changed the favicon, the little icon that appears in your address bar or on the tab, though I might play with that some more.  Previously it was just a blue Z.

And for the record, the screenshot image attached to this post was taken while using Firefox, which I was using to test new features.  I typically use Chrome.  Thought I’d mention it for the heck of it.

The biggest change to the site is not cosmetic though.  I mentioned in the post I linked to above that I was considering adding a content restrictor and enforcing a payment system for anyone who wants to have access to everything I write.  As of today I’ve added a way to do just that.  If anybody in the world actually spends $100 to read anything on this site, I’ll be floored.

I miss writing on this site.  There’s a lot of fun stuff Milly and I have done that I’ll probably never get around to writing about, but I hope to make some time to do just that.  There’s also a lot of relationship stuff that I want to record so I can make sure to remember it one day, but again, I know how I am about going back and writing things down after the fact.  I’ve got about six months of stuff I’d like to remember.

I’ve also got about six months of stuff prior to that that I don’t want to forget, but I don’t want to dwell on that much either.

At any rate, I expect most of what I write going forward won’t be restricted.  I don’t mind if people know that Milly and I went to the park and she told me I was the best daddy ever and everyone should have a daddy like me.  I actually don’t mind if people read about how happy I am currently, or about some of the struggles I’m going through at the same time, but I think there are people who would read some things just because they can, even if it isn’t something they want to read.  Specifically, that refers to Amanda, some of her family members and some friends.  Or former friends.  I’m not sure how to refer to some of them.  Of course, they could all be completely over it by now and not ever think to look at this website again.

I would like it for some of my experiences to be available to other people who are going through similar things.  That’s something to consider.

So how do I pick and choose?  Do I selectively block portions of text talking about all aspects of my new relationship?  Do I block the parts talking about the difficulties and frustrations of the process of separation?  I don’t know.  Do I need to worry about a lawyer forcing me to give access to a post talking about me going out with a few friends to have a few drinks?

Maybe I should just continue not writing.  Thing is, I really miss doing it, and there’s just so much going on in my life now. So I guess I’ll just wing it.

We’ll see.

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