It was a pretty low-key affair tonight.  I had Milly, so I wasn’t planning on going out or anything, but I did want her to have fun so I invited a few of her friends over.  A lot of people were sick (it’s really been going around this holiday season) and a number of people were just staying in.  It seems like I read more about people just staying in and falling asleep before the ball dropped this year than most.  Maybe it’s just that I and all my friends are getting old.

Anyway, Penelope and Adeline came over to play and spend the night.  They mostly played dress up and with Milly’s new barbie Dreamhouse.  Penelope was really taken with Magic, Milly’s cat.  She kept wanting to play with him and asking where he was or what he was doing.  (Note to Matt: I think Penelope wants a cat.)

Tristen came over after picking up an iPad from her parents’ house and helped me manage things.  The girls all made cookies then wanted to watch a movie.  They picked a new My Little Pony Equestria Girls movie.

After that, Netflix had a Madagascar themed countdown video to play, so we let the girls think it was midnight and had them do the countdown.  They danced around a little then we put them to bed and I read them a story from a bedtime stories book I got Milly for Christmas.  Tristen stuck around for the real countdown, but we didn’t really do much of anything in between.

She came back the next morning and made breakfast for the girls.  She had an idea to put egg and bacon in a Pillsbury biscuit and bake it all together, which turned out great.

Matt picked Penelope and Adeline up around 10:30.  I played with Milly for a bit (I think I’ve played with Barbies more in the past week than I have my entire life) then took her home.

Milly was very sad to go.  She’s not wanted to go back to Amanda before, and Amanda has told me that Milly has been upset about coming over here before too, but she’s never been as upset as she was this time.  She said she wanted more time with me and wanted to go back tonight and just broke down with heartbreaking sobs.  Like I said, she’s been upset about leaving before, but not like this.  I reassured her that I’d be seeing her in the next few days and that she hasn’t had a lot of time with her mom lately and that Mommy missed her and they’d have fun together.

Tristen and I were meeting up with Sam and Berkley to go to brunch later, and since they live near Amanda’s, we didn’t see much of a point in dropping off Milly then coming back out to my place then going back out to Sam and Berk’s, so we dropped Tristen off there first then I took Milly back.  Milly complained about the traffic (“We’d be there already if there wasn’t so much traffic!”), though it was just one car in front of us as we were taking the exit off College to Gordon.  She was fine by the time I got her back.

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After I dropped Milly off I went back to Sam and Berk’s.  The girls rode together and Berkley and I took Tristen’s car.  I forget the name of the place we went, but it was at the Landfall Shopping Center and it was nice.  There was a lot of fancy food that I’d like to try when I have some money.  Tristen and I split a French toast and cheese grits.  The French toast was one small piece of bread for $10 (though it was tasty) while the cheese grits came in a large bowl for $4.50.  The cheese was pimento, which I’m not really a fan of, but the more I ate the grits, the more they grew on me.

There were a few other people meeting us there, including Byron and Jen, whom we’d met before at Berkley’s birthday dinner last month.  We were just about the only people in the place and half the people with us knew our waitress, so we hung out a while and had a good time.  Byron said something about going bowling and Tristen told him what we were going to do (which was napping and something or other else) and he made a point of liking our idea.

We came back to my place after that and indeed followed up on those plans, though not in that order.  We spent the rest of the day being pretty lazy.

And that is how I welcomed in 2015.