What If There Were Only Two Jobs?

This was the beginning of a conversation I had with Milly after I picked her up from school today.  Here’s the gist of how it went.

Z: What would those two jobs be?

M: Artist and Disney animator.

Z: What if you needed to go to the doctor?

M: You could tell something what you need and the medicine would appear.

Z: Who would make the medicine?

M: God.

Z: What about a house?

M: You could just look up to the sky and say what kind of house you want and where you want it to be.

Z: What about cars so you could drive places?

M: Your house would make it.

Z: Where would you get food?

M: You’d grow it.

Z: What about food you can’t grow, like candy or cake?

M: Whenever you see a star you wish for a few pieces of candy and then you get 15 pieces.

Z: If you were an artist, where would you get your paintbrushes?

M: You could chop a limb off a tree and make them.

Z: What about your paint?  Who would make that.

M: You would get it at the shop.

Z: Wouldn’t someone need to run the shop?

M: No.  There would be a cash register and you could just leave your money.

Z: But then some people might steal the paint supplies.

M: Okay, someone could work there.

(So now we’re up to three jobs: Disney animator, artist and art supply store clerk.)

Z: Well, if you’re a Disney animator, don’t you need someplace to watch the movies?

M: Yeah.

Z: Well, who would run the movie theater?  Who would sell the tickets?

M: A girl.  She would give you popcorn too.

Z: One girl would take care of everybody?

M: She’d move really fast.

(Now we’re up to four jobs, but at least the necessities are covered.)

M: This is in Kid Land.  There are no rules in Kid Land except that you can’t be mean.

Z: What happens if you’re mean?

M: You go back to this land.  And there are seven million toys in Kid Land!

Z: Seven million?! How many kids live there?

M: Eleven.

Z: Seven million toys for eleven kids? That’s almost a million toys for every kid.

M: Yeah!

Z: How old are the kids?

M: They were born at the same time.  They’re five and a half, like me.

Z: How many are boys and how many are girls?

M: There are eleven boys and eleven girls.

Z: Oh, so there are 22 kids.

M: Yeah.

Then we got home and Mycah from next door was also just getting home, so they played for a bit.