Ot at least a Tobacco Road fan, since he’s also sporting an NC State pennant.  At any rate, it would seem if he’s sporting Blue Devil and Wolfpack gear, he must decidedly not be a Tar Heel.  (With the hat he’s wearing, he might also be a Notre Dame fan, making him a general ACC fan, but Marge mentions St. Patrick’s Day, so I chalk it up to that.)

I can’t remember the last time I watched The Simpsons, but I randomly had it on last night (the 27th season premiere), so I was happy to have caught Homer supporting my team.

There was one issue the writers got wrong, though.  Right before the shot, a caption dates the scene as happening on March 31, then Marge says:

You did it Homie!  And what a March it was: a beautiful Easter, a sober St. Patrick’s Day and impeccable behavior watching the NCAA basketball tournament!

The only issue is that while it’s called “March Madness” the Final Four is played the first weekend of April with the championship game coming the following Monday.  So while Marge was commending Homer for his good behavior during the tournament, it wouldn’t have been quite over yet.

Regardless, kudos to whomever it was who made the decision to give Homer a Duke shirt.