Milly had a noon dismissal today, so our weekend together started a little earlier than usual.  On the days I have her, I generally try not to do much work, but since I got her earlier, I had to get some things done.  She mostly played with Shopkins and My Little Ponies while I worked, then we headed out to Scooters for her friend Brody’s birthday party.

Scooters is a skating rink.  They let kids get scooters too if they want, but Milly started out and ended up with skates, only getting on a scooter for a short bit of time.  She had me out there with her too, but I left her with some friends after a bit.  One of them, Mia, was a pretty good skater, but outside of her, she was one of a group of three or four girls making their way around the rink inches at a time.  It was fun and cute to watch.  I really like seeing her in her element, being herself around a group of friends.

I enjoyed it too.  not just watching Milly, but talking with some of her parents’ friends.  Brody had a double-layer cookie cake too, which was also very enjoyable.

Tristen and I had been invited to a party that evening.  I was with Milly, obviously, but I encouraged Tristen to go ahead and go without me.  It was close to bedtime when Milly and I got home, so we read some Harry Potter (we’re on the second book, The Chamber of Secrets) then she went to sleep.  I fell asleep for a bit on the couch before Tristen got home.

Milly called out to me early the next morning.  Turns out she just wanted to know if she could get up because it was still kind of dark outside.  I tried to explain to her that if there’s a little light out, yes, she can get up, and she doesn’t have to ask my permission to get up out of bed.  I made a mental note to get her a clock.

Tristen had to work Saturday morning.  I was going to take Milly to another birthday party, but she wanted to jut hang out.  We watched Inside Out and played with the Harry Potter Legos Torrie had given her this summer.

I had Milly take a bath because her hair was looking like it needed some washing and helped her work on properly washing her hair on her own.  She was a little squirrelly about putting her head underwater, like she had forgotten how good she’d gotten at it over the summer.  Once she did it though, she remembered that, oh yeah, it’s kind of fun.

Tristen got back and we all had dinner.  Milly got in her Annie outfit, which her Aunt Jenn made.  For her hair we used a Merida wig she got a few years ago.  I never came up with an idea of what to wear, so I Duked myself out.  I was inspired by my Duke flag, which I was thinking of hanging up today.  I safety pinned it on as a flag and wore a long-sleeved Duke shirt and a hat.  I was going to wear some Duke pajama pants, but there were no pockets, so I just wore some blue jeans and blue sneakers.  Tristen was ultimately going to be a cracked porcelain doll, but for now she just put on an old-style dress and makeup.

Luke and Ellis showed up as we were finishing dinner.  Luke had made Ellis a killer robot costume out of spray painted cardboard boxes.  There was a helmet with sort of handle on it that Luke ended up slipping a glow stick up.  He also threaded a couple into the front of the costume, which was a nice effect.  Then we all headed out.

We stopped at Tristen’s parents’ house.  They always go all out with their decorations, although, sadly, we were the only people who went by there.

When we piled out of the car, Milly told Ellis not to worry because the people we were visiting were going to be her grandparents.  Ellis, who had somehow never gone trick-or-treating before, was freaked out by Craig when they got up to the house, who was wearing a scary clown mask, and retreated down the driveway.  He was eventually talked into coming back up.

Torrie, Johnny and Sebastian were there too.  We hung out there for a little bit then took off.

Every year for Halloween, Milly has been taken to Harbor Island.  She told me this year she wanted to trick or treat by where the apartment was, so we went to Forest Hills.  We parked at the school and made our way up the road.  The place was pretty happening, although the houses were more spread out and some of the houses we went to were already out of candy.  The people were all really nice though.  The kids would have had a bigger haul at Harbor Island I think, but they had a good time, which is the important thing.

We got back to the house and let the kids eat a little bit of candy.  Luke and Ellis took off and Tristen started applying the cracks to her outfit while I took Milly over to a sleepover party with Zoey.  Brittany had invited her, Penelope, Adeline and another of Zoey’s friends that Milly had met before named Addie.  It was a little late when Milly and I got over there and all the rest of the girls were already snuggled up on the large couch watching Hocus Pocus.  I talked to Brittany and Dylan for a few minutes then went back to pick up Tristen and meet some friends downtown.


We met at Jenna and Drew’s.  Sam and Berkley were already there, but as we were heading off Tristen realized that she had left her license.  Fortunately, she realized she had one in the car so we didn’t have to go all the way back home.  (Not that we’re far from downtown.)  We caught up with them at Hell’s Kitchen.

Hells-Kitchen-Halloween-2015The Duke-Miami football game was on, so that occupied me for a bit.  I could write a whole other blog post on the topic, and since this one covers a whole weekend, I’ll just post a link to one of the multitude of articles I’ve read that sums it up for me right here.  I’ll just say that it bothered me through the next day.  And beyond, of course, but it was particularly bad that I was more than Duked out.

I did get a number of compliments on my outfit though (which I realize I don’t think I really even got a full picture of).  Made some friends.  Commiserated with one or two other people who saw the game.  Only heard from a couple Tar Heels, but it was all in good fun.

We stopped by Cape Fear Wine and Beer because Torrie and Johnny were there, then I think we went to Barbary Coast.  The group was heading to Level Five when Tristen and I decided to pack it in.  That’s also when she dropped her phone and busted the screen, even though it was in a case.  That sucked.

Tristen put some hash browns in the oven and I put some random decently-rated horror movie on Netflix, but I was out pretty quick.  I remember waking up to eat a couple hash browns then heading off to bed at some point.

Tristen was going to make French toast the next morning, but then she discovered that we were out of eggs.  We went to pick Milly up and hung out with Brittany and Dylan (and Matt when he came to get his girls) for a little bit.  The girls all played out in the yard while we grownups sat around being grownups.


Milly-and-Tristen-Fingernail-PaintingWhen we got back Milly and Tristen did girly stuff.  Painted nails and such.[prompt type=”left” title=”Members only” message=”This section of this post contains content that is only available to members. Log in or subscribe for access.” button_text=”Subscribe” href=”/account/”]

Tristen had to go to work at the hotel.  It was a gorgeous day, especially considering that it’s now November, so we considered going to the hotel with Tristen to get in the pool (it was that nice), but the pool had already been closed.  I suppose we could have gone to the beach.

I was resting my eyes a bit, but eventually I got up and chased Milly around.  We ended up outside drawing with sidewalk chalk.  That was probably my favorite part of the weekend.  Milly and I had a really good time covering about half of the driveway with pictures.

We went in after a while and I made spaghetti for us to eat while watching Return of the Jedi.  We’ve slowly worked our way through the entire Star Wars collection, and just like pretty much every time we watch one, she fell asleep halfway through.  No big surprise, given how she was up a little late with her friends last night and was the first one up this morning.  I loved that though.  We were snuggled up on the couch and it made me think of the naps I used to take on the couch on many a Sunday afternoon with her curled up on me when she was a baby.

A couple minutes after she fell asleep I went ahead and picked her up and carried her to bed.  The fact that she barely woke up so soon after falling asleep attests to how wiped out she was.

And that was Halloween Weekend 2015.