Two? Two of Them?

Holy shit. I’m sorry, pardon the language, but holy shit.

I’m overcome with excitement and joy.

And I’m terrified.

Tristen and I are having twins.

As I texted her after I got home from the ultrasound, my mind is going everywhere and nowhere all at once. It’s awesome and cool and amazing because I thought it would be great to have two kids close in age to each other, but I had been thinking, “I’ll be 40 by the time this kid comes along, so if we have another one I’ll be at least 60 by the time they’re out of the house.” Well, no worry about that now!

But it’s also terrifying. We just bought the house; is it big enough? I guess we’ll need to move Milly to the smaller bedroom, I guess, which sucks. I figured I’d still be able to give her plenty of attention with one other kid, but what’s it going to be like for her with two kids? We’re going to need a bigger car. (A minivan?) How well will I be able to juggle two kids at once while trying to work?

There’s just so much going on in my head. I feel like I’m in a fog, like I’ve had a few drinks or something.



Holy shit.