Aptly enough, I got to spend a lot of time with my newest children this morning. They were awake and fussy from about 3:00 on. I guess I shouldn’t have talked about how well they did the previous two nights.

Tristen got Phoenix at some point and I got Fawkes a little later. She switched with me, I think because she was able to give them some boob to calm down, but then Phoenix started thrashing around, doing that body-stiffening thing babies do that makes them flop around like a fish out of water. At some point I took him back to their room and changed his diaper, which was a little wet, but not too bad. I found some gas drops to give him, which might have eventually helped. I don’t know. I did finally, sometime after 5:00, get him to go back to sleep. I, however, could not.

Tristen and Fawkes came in around 7. She had started feeding him at 6 and fell asleep doing that, so she had no idea how much he actually got. Phoenix got his turn after that and everything was fine for a while.

Milly slept in a little, which is uncommon for her. Or at least she stayed in bed even after we were obviously up and moving around. She was doing a lesson on Duolingo, an app that teaches you languages. I asked her to choose a language and do a lesson every day before she goes to play with friends or play video games or whatnot, and she’s been really good about it. She started on Spanish before our Cozumel trip, which I suppose is why she chose Spanish again.

Tristen made me and Milly cheesy eggs with rosemary ham for breakfast. I had it all on a piece of toast. She had also gone to Wake N Bake to get me a special Father’s Day box of doughnuts. I let Milly sample some and abdicated the coffee one to Tristen.

I also got a few things from the kids. I got two pairs of nice socks from the boys. I do love a good pair of socks, and these, one short and one high, are decently thick, yet stretchy. I wore the short ones around all day. From Milly I got a button-up shirt. It’s white with little Harry Potter icons all over it- books, owl, bird cages, lightning bolts, glasses, stars, footprints (the Marauder’s Map), the Sorting Hat. I like it because at first it looks like it’s just a bunch of stuff on the shirt, but then when you look closer you can see how nerdy it actually is.

We took it pretty easy most of the day. We tried to get the boys to “play” together again, with only moderate success. I put Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on just to have something on. I do love that movie though. At one point Tristen put the boys in their Bumbo seats and set them in front of a play table Torrie gave us. It’s got all kinds of things for them to mess with. They were mildly interested, I think. After that, Tristen and I pushed them all around the house in the Bumbos. Milly was in her room at the time and we busted in there, spun around a little and ran back out. She thought it was hilarious.

Prior to that, Milly still had the crepe paper up blocking her door. You had to crawl to get in, so I told her a fun way to take it down would be to run through it, so we recorded her doing that in slow motion.

Phoenix got fussy again at some point and we put the boys back down to sleep. Tristen was hanging out on the couch when Milly and I decided to look at a few free VR things I’d downloaded to the PlayStation (which ended up being VR short films, basically). Tristen went to our room to nap at that point.

Milly and I had hot dogs for lunch then we played this thing we’ve played since she was little where I stand totally still and shoe moves me around to different poses and such. We were being a little loud once I started posing her (because I’m funny, or at least Milly thinks I am) and moved it outside, but her mom arrived before we got too far with it.

Milly is heading to Richlands for the week for an art camp put on by Amanda’s friend Renee. Milly went to it last year and really enjoyed it, and I know she’ll have a great time spending the week with Karen and Phil.

I had wanted to get a picture of my three kids, but I didn’t get around to it, which kinda sucks. I mean, it’s on me, but still.

I thought about taking a nap after Milly left. I had less than an hour before the boys would be up and need to be fed again, so I thought about just snuggling with Tristen, who was already awake, but as I lay there in bed I could feel myself slipping away. I was out until Tristen appeared with the boys decked out in their X-Men onesies.

My friend Jason had sent them to us shortly after Fawkes and Phoenix were born. I had mentioned to him that I was calling Fawkes Cyclops (because he constantly had one eye shut, plus he was the first of the twins delivered and Cyclops was the first X-Man) and I was calling Phoenix Weapon X, which was an old codename of Wolverine’s (because, like when Wolverine was called Weapon X, Phoenix had a bunch of machinery stuck to his head).

I got up shortly after that. The boys were getting pretty fussy and Tristen and I were trying to decide whether we wanted to go out somewhere or not. I mean, being Father’s Day, it was really up to me. I kind of wanted to go and do something, but I didn’t know what, so I decided to just go ahead and put the boys back down for their nap.

I did, however, decide I wanted meatloaf for dinner. Torrie and Jackie, our neighbor across the street, had been talking meatloaf recipes at Milly’s birthday party yesterday, which had me wanting some. She started on it and we ate after showering the boys and putting them back to bed for the night.

After that we did something we haven’t done in a long time- we watched a TV show together! I’ve been so busy with work and Tristen is in bed by 9:00, if not earlier, that we haven’t watched anything in a while. We only have a few episodes left of the third season of The Magicians, so we watched one of those. Then she went to bed.

Oh, I talked to my dad earlier this morning. Nothing big there, we just chatted a bit and wished each other a happy Father’s Day. I just thought that, it being Father’s Day and all, it was worth mentioning that I did talk to my dad.