Fawkes’s and Phoenix’s First Big Laughs

I bragged on Fawkes and Phoenix about how well they were sleeping a few days ago. We had two straight days of them sleeping with very little disturbance between their late night feeding and 6:00. It was glorious.

Unfortunately, the last three or four nights (it’s really hard to remember such specifics) haven’t gone as well. Not nearly as well. This past night was particularly rough, with them starting to wake up around 2:30 and giving us little respite. We finally took them into the bed with us around 3:30 or 4 I think. That didn’t work great either. They just kept squirming and flailing and not settling down. At some point I put Fawkes back to bed and fortunately he fell asleep and stayed down. Or at least I think he did, I fell asleep and didn’t wake back up until Tristen left for work. I’m not even sure if she kept Phoenix in the bed after I put Fawkes back in his crib.

Anyway, despite our collective lack of sleep, the boys and I were in good moods this morning. This scene is what happened after I changed their poopy diapers and before I put them down for their morning nap. Times like these make it all worthwhile.