Milly Dotsey and the Order of the Phoenix

I think it took about a year, but Milly finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday. I think she sped up because she wants some new headphones and I told her I’d get her some if she finished by Wednesday. There was also a lot of action at the end of the book, and I could tell from watching her read it that she was enjoying it.

Since she finished the book we watched the movie last night. Tristen joined us for about half of it, but she faded out and went to bed after a bit.

Milly, Fawkes, Phoenix, and I were going to take a walk to the store at the end of the street yesterday morning, which, according to Google Maps, is 0.9 miles. Instead of taking the stroller Milly thought she’d be up for carrying one of the boys in the carrier. We made it maybe about halfway there before she admitted to it being a bit tough for her. She did a good job, though I stayed right with her to grab her in case she tripped. I ended up carrying both boys back, which was some nice exercise.

Milly wanted to play with Annabelle down the street since she hadn’t seen her in a while and ended up being invited to go to the splash pad with her and her brother, which turned into a beach trip.

Tristen and I made a Costco run. I needed gas and we didn’t have enough formula for the next day. Tristen must have been hungry because while I love grazing samples at Costco, she never does, but she had a few yesterday. We ended up buying one of the things we tried- a chicken kale burger. I know how that sounds, but it was crazy good. We had some of that and lettuce for dinner.

Last night was mostly a good one with Fawkes and Phoenix. They didn’t wake up much until about 4:30, then it was pretty sporadic. Same as the previous night. I’d hate to call it a trend just yet because it seems like every time they start forming a pattern with their sleep, it changes.

Milly has also been wanting to see some of her school friends, so today she went over to her friend Sophie’s house and had a sleepover. She’s been wanting one with Torrie for a while and will probably do that tomorrow after family dinner.

The boys were pretty good today, although they’re staying up longer now and Phoenix is starting to prefer being held to sitting in a seat or swing with toys.

Tristen and I watched A Quiet Place tonight. It was tense from start to finish, with the exception of one scene in the middle. Tristen had been planning to watch it with Samantha, so I guess I upset those plans.