First let me say that Fawkes and Phoenix slept very well last night. There was a little fussing around 11, a feeding at 12:30, then nothing else until almost 5:00. The non-feeding incidents required no more than putting a pacifier back in Phoenix’s mouth and setting him back up on his boppy. And then at about 6:15 this morning Tristen found him fully out of his sleepsuit and turned completely around, with his feet up on the boppy.

In light of that, we’re taking away the sleepsuits tonight and replacing them with footy pajamas to see how they do. So far I’ve had to go into the room to settle Phoenix down four times, and it’s not even 10:30 yet. Not a promising start.

I’m pretty sure Fawkes would sleep through the night if we let him. In fact, we skipped his late feeding a few nights ago and I think he woke up a little early, but otherwise did great.

Back to today.

Tristen brought Phoenix into the room around 6:15. I played with him a little then he fell asleep for maybe 15 minutes. Tristen texted me from work to say that she saw Fawkes awake on the monitor and had talked to him through it, but it was right after Phoenix had fallen back asleep and Fawkes wasn’t making any noises that I could hear, so I waited a few minutes before getting him up and starting the day.

Milly got as I was about to leave the room and helped me get with the boys by putting down a blanket and play mat for them, getting warmed bottles, and putting diapers on them. Well, on one. And I had to redo it because his butt was halfway out, but she tried. She didn’t wipe or anything, but she worked on getting the diaper on which is helpful.

Milly’s been a very good big sister, particularly of late. She’s getting comfortable holding them (I still keep an eye out as she isn’t always the most coordinated thing) and she’s usually pretty quick to get over to them and try to make them happy if they’re fussing. She’s very attentive and enjoys being silly with them.

Anyway, on with the title of this post.

Milly told me a week or so ago that she was interested in seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp. Cool by me, of course. We watched the first Ant-Man last night then, it being $5 Tuesdays at our nearest cinema and work not being too bad currently, I decided to take her to see the currently-airing sequel this afternoon.

She laughed at a good number of parts, although she asked me at the end if Hope was the Wasp, which I’m not sure how she didn’t fully get. She did say that she wasn’t sure because she looked different. I suppose I could see where she was coming from, having just seen the previous movie where she had a short, severe haircut.

The only other thing I had to explain was the mid-credits scene. In case discussing that would be a spoiler for anyone who happens to read this, I’ll just say that it ties in with another recent MCU movie, one that Milly hadn’t seen.

We went back to Torrie’s after the movie. She was watching the boys and Tristen had gotten off work, but she couldn’t take the boys home because the car seats were in my car, as was the stroller, so she was just hanging out with Torrie, Bash, and the boys until I got there. Milly played out back with Sebastian for a bit before I took her to play with her neighborhood friend Miles. She would have walked, but it was raining off and on.

We ate leftovers for dinner. I finished off the steak Tristen bought a couple days ago and had a burrito to help finish off some taco meat we had. Milly had one as well, along with some kale and quinoa, which she requested. I think Tristen just had kale and quinoa.

Tristen figured there had been enough screen time for the day (Milly and Miles played video games- she beat him twice at MarioKart, coming in 11th to his 12th), so I suggested we play a game. Milly wanted to play Monopoly, but that would have taken way too long so she chose Scrabble instead.

Tristen had taken a Benadryll, having been eaten up when she went to sit outside with Phoenix earlier (Fawkes was helping me work at the time), so she was the first to retire. Milly got a bit fed up with playing, so she and I just sat at the table drawing until she said she was tired.