The Fox and the Fire Chicken

Since Tristen was recovering from a stomach thing last night, I took the duty of taking care of the boys mostly upon myself. According to the sleep log we keep, I went into the room at 9:39, 10:24, 10:44, 12:02, (we fed them at 12:18, but Phoenix was crying right before that), 4:21, 4:51, and 5:19. The 5:19 visit included two extra trips back to the room just before I laid back down in the bed, and at that point I went ahead and brought Phoenix into our room. Tristen had woken up and had a spot ready for him.

The best thing I wrote in our log was this:

9:39 P let out a shriek. Put paci back in jamas and waited for him to finish writing around like a dying snake before leaving the room.

The only one of those instances that involved Fawkes was the one right as we were about to feed them. Since Fawkes has this sleeping ting pretty much down, Phoenix can’t be too far behind, right? Right? Please tell me that’s right.

To Phoenix’s credit, I did fall asleep after he was in bed with us, though he was snuggled up with his mom. I woke up when she left and then cuddled up with him myself, and I didn’t wake up until almost 7:30, which was half an hour past their normal feeding time. I noticed that Tristen had texted and called, and Milly and I both opened our bedroom doors at the same time. She said Tristen had just texted her to wake me up. Tristen had been talking to Fawkes through the monitor. She said he’d been up for a while and was making some noise, but it wasn’t very fussy.

Another note about the sleep last night is that we did have Phoenix in pajamas instead of his sleepsuit. He ends up wiggling out of it by the morning, although he ended up doing it during one of his naps today too. I sent Tristen this post-nap picture of him and she texted back, “He thinks he’s so clever.” Does look proud of himself, doesn’t he? Little booger.

Milly went back to Amanda’s today, although with a small delay. I told Amanda that we’d let her go without a shower for a few days in the hope that she would start to realize what it felt like to be dirty so she’d understand why we have her shower just about every day. In particular, Milly’s hair gets oily, but she doesn’t see or feel the difference. Anyway, Milly said she’d probably take a shower tonight, and when I warned Amanda about it, she said they had some running around to do and asked if I’d get her to go ahead and take a shower. So I did and so she did.

Milly and I had some fun today. Sometimes when we’re goofing around she gets so worked up that all I have to do is point a finger at her and she starts laughing. It’s because I’m so good at poking her in the stomach and the anticipation kills her. I mean, she’ll laugh so much she’ll fall on the ground sometimes.

I like looking at Facebook Memories, where they show you things you posted on this date in past years. There are often mentions of Milly doing something or past blog articles, and if they’re funnyor endearing ones I’ll show them to Milly. She spent some time poking around on this website today, reading it out loud (in a British accent). She said she enjoyed reading it. That’s why I’m trying to be better about it, so when all my kids are older they’ll be able to look back through this and hopefully remember some things they didn’t remember or just recall the days gone by.

Milly also spent a good portion of her day in her room drawing. I was in her room after she left, just glancing around, and I decided to check out what she’d been drawing. “People,” she had told me when I asked her before. “Doing what?” I asked. “Just standing.”

It was more than that, though. I hope she doesn’t read this before she shows me the finished product because I can only guess she was being coy because she either wants to surprise me or she doesn’t want my input, but she was drawing a comic book, and she’s doing such a terrific job with it! The way people stand in it and their facial expressions, the dialog, it’s all so good! I just wish she wasn’t doing it on lined paper. I hope she sticks with it and continues to put in the amount of effort she’s putting in, because she really is doing great with it.

The boys were pretty decent throughout the day. Fawkes has some kind of diaper rash on his bum that almost looks like a burn mark, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. I’ve put him in only disposable diapers today so I could put a cream on it.

Laura and Torrie came over in the late afternoon, ostensibly to sort through some baby clothes. They did that some, but I think they mostly watched Mama Mia! and talked. Sebastian was with them for a bit until Johnny came to get him. I stayed in the back and worked for the most part, although since I could hear everything I had to go join in their conversations now and then. Laura brought a smorgasbord of a dinner from Costco including pinwheel wraps, wings (which were cooked on the plastic tray they came on, which melted onto our oven rack a bit), a salad, and some cookies. I had a cookie, which was the first dessert type food I’ve had in a while. I did make sure to get a raisin cookie though.

The picture you see at the top of the page, that was taken while they were here. We’ve been meaning to take pictures of them in those outfits forever, and the Phoenix one, which Tristen custom ordered from someone on Etsy, is almost too small now. They are stinking cute though.

Both boys were having trouble getting to sleep early on, which I again think is because of the pajamas. Tristen ended up switching Fawkes to a sleepsuit, but didn’t want to put Phoenix in one still. They’ve both been quiet fo the last few hours, so ya know, fingers crossed and all.