Lost His Luther

We had a pretty nice weekend. I’m writing this after the fact and it’s a little late, so I’m going to try to keep it brief.

First off, I think Friday night was the best sleep Fawkes and Phoenix have had. Bottles at a little after 12:30, then I got up once a little over two hours later because Phoenix had lost his paci and Tristen got up two hours after that because he had pushed his socks off. Or something like that. That’s what our sleep log says. Actually, what it says is this:

2:40-ish Z paci for P, who was crying and had “lost” his luther.

What does that mean? It means I put Phoenix’s pacifier back in his mouth because he “lost” his luther.

Oh, you mean what does “‘lost’ his luther” mean? I don’t have a damn clue. I do remember typing it and autocorrect doing something to the word that somehow became luther, then going back and thinking I’d fixed it again. Pretty sure I was being clever (because I am clever in my log entries sometimes), but while I feel the truth about the passage is on the tip of my brain, I can’t reach it and I probably never will.

When Tristen read it she decided to name his paci Luther. It’s actually a WubbaNub, which both of the boys sleep with. It’s a paci attached to a stuffed animal, which helps them stay better. We actually tuck them down the boys’ sleep suits or pajamas so they don’t lose them.

Anyway, the giraffe one is names Luther now, and the elephant is named Rupert (because it needed a name and Tristen randomly came up with that and I approved).

Tristen had said something a couple times about wanting pizza, and since we wanted to do more than just sit at a restaurant we chose to go downtown instead of to Elizabeth’s. And since Tristen wanted to get a salad with her pizza, we went to Slice of Life instead of I Love NY, which is the best pizza in town to me, but it’s cool.

On the way to Slice we stopped by Hot Pink Cake Stand because they were celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday until the actual day of the fictional character’s birth, which will be Tuesday. As we walked in I told the lady behind the counter that we stopped by because of that. She asked Tristen if she wanted to play a game and Tristen said “Yes” without a moment’s hesitation.

The game was that she had to spin a spinner and eat the listed jellybean, but it would be a good one or a nasty one (both appearing the same). She spun coconut/sour milk and ended up with, of course, a sour milk. She was allowed to spit it out, but she got a free mini cupcake for her effort.

We stayed and chatted with the lady for a bit and each got a cupcake for later. We got special ones that were themed on the houses at Hogwarts. Tristen got a Slytherin, which was the mini she had and very delicious, and I got a Ravenclaw, which had blueberry frosting on a blueberry cupcake.

We got to Slice and weren’t sure where to sit at first because we had the stroller and didn’t want to use a high table, but none of the regular-height tables were available, save one with eight or so chairs around it. Not wanting to use that up, we ended up just sitting at the bar and parking the stroller next to it. Fawkes and Phoenix got lots of smiles, especially when we were served bottle of Blue Moon and Phoenix started reaching for the bottle. We used teamwork to pour the beer into glasses and fed the boys before feeding ourselves and got kudos for our efforts from some of the patrons.

After we ate we walked along the Cape Fear River back to the car and came on home to enjoy just a bit of our cupcakes. We saved the rest for the next day.

I got an email Sunday morning about the treadmill. I had posted it for sale on Craigslist and Facebook a week ago. I didn’t really want to get rid of it because I used it quite a lot for a while and would like to get back to it, but I haven’t used it in probably close to a year and, with the attention demanded by the boys, probably wouldn’t again for a while. It also takes up a lot of space, which we have less of since I had to move my office out of what’s now the boys’ room.

Still, as we were messing with it to get it ready to go, I recounted all the shows I watched while I was on it. I used to watch a Netflix series on the iPad while I was on it. Here’s a list of the shows I can remember watching on it:

  • House of Cards (three seasons?)
  • Turn (two seasons?)
  • Gotham (first season)
  • Bloodlines (first season)
  • Narcos (first season)
  • Daredevil (two seasons)
  • Jessica Jones (first season)
  • Luke Cage (first season)
  • Iron Fist (first season)
  • Last Kingdom (first season)

I’m pretty certain there was more, but that’s a good bit of TV watching and exercise right there. I’d get about a 5K per episode.

Anyway, the couple who came to pick it up were super nice. They had a one-year-old and a three-year-old. We had to take the treadmill apart more than we expected to get it out the door, so it’s nice that they were nice, because if they were in a hurry they would not have liked us.

We went to pick Milly up from her friend Haley’s house at 4:30 then stopped by Target because I needed deodorant and ended up spending $91. That’s Target for ya.

Milly decided she wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie and we settled on Goblet of Fire. I was in and out of consciousness up until the attack after the Quidditch World Cup and was totally out after that. I was tired enough that I convinced Tristen to let me stay on the couch for a bit and I think that outside of being sick (and that’s only a maybe) it might have been the first time since we lived here or in the apartment that I didn’t put Milly to bed. I know she’s nine and all, and she’s certainly capable of putting herself to bed, but I like putting her to bed and telling her, “I love you, Meliamae. Good night, little girl.”

In baby news, I think Fawkes’s and Phoenix’s hair is starting to thicken back up. They had a glorious dark head of hair when they were born, but it’s definitely thinned out, especially in the spots where they lay down. I’m pretty sure it’s coming back now though, which is cool. Between me and Tristen, they ought to have some thick, dark, at least somewhat-curly hair.